Mennnnnn isn’t she just a hot mama jammer of the most incredible kind? Sure that award winning song by the incredible Stevie Winder-Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful …., must have been specially coined for her. That’s talking about ex-beauty queen, Anita Uwagbale formerly Queen Anita Iseghohi. She’s the recently divorced mother of 3!

Though she was an Ex-beauty queen, being the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2004, that’s a whole decade and a half  ago (15 years ago). And she till today in her 30s is still a gorgeous stunner as ever.

In fact we believe she’s even more beautiful now that she has matured more like fine wine, than a few years ago when she was still a spring chicken as a beauty queen. Mennnnnn, check out those well toned legs in those ‘daisy dukes’? Queen, which is in fact her middle name (2nd name) & not a title, is an exercise (gym) freak in fact a marathon ? runner, who believes in the total wellness, well-being of the body and mind. And her daily toil is obvious in how she looks-hotcake dynamite!!!!!

Still ravishingly beautiful and well toned all round and not looking gaunt and unsightly, which is how many looks now because of doing too much, when they have done a drastic weight loss and then trying to maintain it all cost.

Kudos to the hot ? mama jammer of the most incredible kind. Salute queen!!!!! 

By Maestros Media

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