The gorgeous and very brilliant daughter of the newly re-elected Governor of Kano State, that’s Fatima Ganduje-Ajimobi in the euphoria of her dad’s miraculous victory at the just concluded Kano State Gubernatorial Election 2019 is holding no punch as she descends in her dad’s critics, who had had a field day, abusing and mocking her family prior to Dr. Umar Ganduje finally emerging victorious at the very controversial election.

Just like their so called enemies gloated believing that Ganduje was already a goner & would be defeated, his adorable daughter, a 1st class graduate of Atiku’s private university -AUN, Yola. Who is married to the only son of the outgoing Governor of Oyo state-Senator Abiola Ajimobi, who had failed in his bid to become a Senator, has come in her dad’s defense after all, lambasting all comers and taking them all to the cleaners. Heckling them all and chewing them on Twitter before spitting them out.

Hear her-

I am on my lunch break so have a bit of extra time, where are you guys? Some of the red guys here are at govt house collecting rice,” she said.

“I will respond to you as a single group so pls designate a representative. You guys are like zombies and I don’t have the time for you all. So pls get in line as I address your grievances.

“You see the issue is that when the results were inconclusive, you guys were so quick to insult us, we didn’t respond, even the ones playing both sides showed themselves, yanzu kuma murna ta koma ciki we can gloat too.

“You cannot insult someone’s mother and think you will not get a response, I have enough Data and when it finishes my Idris will add.

“You think it’s on Twitter you win election, our votes came from the villages because we are villagers. Dan kauye shine Gwamna.

“The main reason you lost is because Atiku refused to give you money this time around so unloyal that you cheated him during the presidential elections. Atiku bawan Allah I respect that man!

“During the PDP presidential campaign in Kano, you hired people from Niger and Chad to deceive Atiku all to collect his money. Toh wallahi better return his money. Atiku trusted you but you were too selfish. Now see yourselves.

“I ignored you during my wedding because my honeymoon was too sweet so no time for commentary.

“Painting the picture that no one in Kano loves Ganduje, Takai of the PRP who had almost a hundred thousand votes told all his supporters to vote for us not you. We played our part right and you’re angry.

“Yes we were with Kwankwaso until when he disrespected our late grandmother. Came for her burial in Ganduje and insulted us, that was when the line was drawn.”

By Maestros Media

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  1. Who is brilliant? If she is half brilliant like you said, she would have been quite. Is not her place to say anything and she need to zip it

    1. She is a fool put her filthy mouth where it doesn’t belong. Feel sorry for that horseman’s of hers. Daughter of a very corrupt father and father in law too

  2. What else do you expect her to say?Still can't get over her antics and dance steps during her two weeks long wedding.Always dancing like a club girl permanently high on weed.

    1. Hi hater! Why does it bother you so much that someone is happily married and living their best life? I think you should chill on the negative talk and go and repent. Because at this rate you will go straight to hell!

  3. And so what? Anon 12;00, and so what? From your comment I can deduce two things about you. It's either
    1. You come from a place of misery and neglect where no one is happy unless they're on drugs. Hell, I'm sure you sef you need drugs to be happy OR
    2. You are a miserable, pathetic and unlovable spinster
    Because if a young, excitable 23 year old is happy to be married and is dancing, for you to attribute that to drugs makes it so obvious that bitterness has eaten so deep into your heart that you find it hard to believe that people can genuinely be happy. You need some dick or some pussy, whatever floats your boat because you are clearly bitter, unwanted and unloved! You're probably a dirty cat lady who has not seen soap and water in weeks! Get help!

    1. Keep dancing like a high street junkie oo,shameless daughter of a thief.Once you hear the truth,all you see is a hater.
      I do not have access to the kind of wealth you lay claims over,the ill-gotten billions.My father is a dignified hardworking Nigerian,not a glaringly corrupt thief like yours,but my life is far from miserable.All my achievements today,academically,professionally and career wise you can never match.Keep up the fake luxury stores you are all managing, out of a need to pretend you are doing something.

      Karma is waiting for you all offsprings of thieving politicians.God can never be mocked.

  4. @Anon 11; 52
    Yesooo, beautiful Fati will dance and dance and do cartwheels! The wedding was beautiful and we danced and when the baby comes, we will dance and strip ourselves naked in joy. You that is good and upright, what have you contributed to humanity except misery and pollution? Fati is busy running Let's Talk Humanity; improving the lives of the underprivileged. She is only 25 and yet she has provided education for so many children. How many people will even remember you when you die?
    BTW, why do you think I'm Fati? Because I love her and I'm defending her? Eyaaah, you think everyone is unloved and unwanted like you? You think everyone was dumped in a gutter in a black polythene bag like your mother did to you? You think all of us were left to cry soaked in poop and urine like you? No oo, some people have good friends, family and loved ones who love and defend us. I can see that that's a completely foreign concept to you.
    You see, we love and defend Fati because she's beautiful inside and out; a young lady who spends her money and time trying to improve the lives of children. Maybe if you were a decent person, people would love and care for you. But you chose to be ugly inside and I'm sure you're very ugly outside too. That's why no one cares about you!
    My dear, keep your academic laurels to yourself! All these accomplishments and you're still as bitter and ugly and unwanted AF! Go and be better; maybe a man will have pity on you and marry you. Better yet, maybe someone with nothing better to do will take pity on you and give you the love you so badly crave.
    Yes oo, God is not mocked. That's why psychotic, ugly and bitter people like you die of heart attack or commit suicide before 40. Please hurry up and do the needful because your existence is pointless and the world would be better off without you!

    1. Girl shut up you talk too much
      Sorry case of pretty face don't match character. I feel sorry for your husband. Blah blah blah look at the long epistle you just wrote, in future when your husband finds solace in a classy quiet lady and cheat on your spoilt brat ass, youll be crying ?.
      For someone from a well to do home you rant very uncouth and childish. Learn from Ruky Indimi let her teach you sonme class

    2. Please clean your mouth with soap and stop lying! May Sango strike you dead if you haven't benefited from corrupt money. If you are bold enough/sure your Dad isn't corrupt, say Amen.

      Ole Jaguda Paali, omo irankiran

  5. Aww we love Ruky Indimi too and if a purposeless and miserable troll like you comes for her, we'll eviscerate them too!
    Hurt people hurt people. Like I said, find a man with nothing better to do to love you so you can stop being such a bitter old wretch.
    Rukaiya Indimi and Fatima Ajimobi are beautiful and happy in their husbands homes being pampered by men who love them. They absolutely don't give a fuck about your dusty ass. Leave them and focus on making your life worth living.

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