Abisola Kolapo-Daisi is probably one of the most well known child of any of the present Governors in Nigeria. Her dad like we all know, is the outgoing Governor of the Pacesetter state-Oyo, that’s talking about Senator Abiola Ajimobi, who in the wake of his loss at the Senatorial election has had much flak thrown his way of recent. But he has the singular honour so far, of being the only Governor of Oyo State since the creation of the state to have done 2 uninterrupted terms as a governor. Apart from the fact that Abisola is the Governor’s daughter, which some might ascribe her fame to, she is also famous in her own right because she’s a well respected fashionista of note. In fact many have even said she is most probably the most stylish of all the Nigerian Governors’ kids, all put together.

Abiola is one well respected personality in the luxury lifestyle business in the country, where she owns a couple of very okay business concerns, one of them is her very upscale shoe store Florence H that caters only to the top fashionistas and very well to do with the HQ at her own shopping complex on famous Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1. On that same very bustling street, she also owns another very good business a super well stocked, supermarket that is frequented by the very upscale crowd too, known as Grandex! She is also the inspiration behind TLLM, The Luxury Lifestyle Market, an outstanding gathering of Luxury purveyors that comes together periodically. A sort of luxury pop up that can gather anywhere around the world.

The quite humble and somewhat quiet, Oyo’s 1st daughter is a year older and as the avalanche of birthday well wishes poured in, with all pouring out love to her and expressing their warmth on her birthday, the impressed birthday gal, overwhelmed and appreciative of it all, poured out her heart in gratitude to all and sundry. Thanking her creator, for those who don’t know, Abisola is quite religious or do we say spiritual, she’s a Christian though her dad is a practising moslem; promising to be more open. Read her exact words above.

We wish the good friend of the Kardashians and the Haqqs, many more happy returns of the day. 

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  1. The quite humble …. was that meant to be a joke . She very proud, shows off and nothing of much value

    Thank God her dad got what he deserves and now a laughing stock together with Saraki. Bye

  2. Happy birthday to her,now wen that her wicked and arrogant father has been disgraced and humbled politically in Oyo state let me see how her luxury lifestyle will continue.mtchew.


    1. Which luxury? Are u talking about her money laundering cover up business that cannot even cover her overhead? She is nothing but a plastic from head to toes with her fake teeth

  3. Did u say humble Aloba? Abi has nothing to do with humble and you must have been paid to say that about that arrogant wasteful piece of crap.

    1. @ Blair Well said. That ordinary Abi is so far from being stylish. Buying a designer doesn't make u stylish at all. She has nothing to do with being humble and stylish. Very far from those 2. Abi stop wasting Oyo State money to be praised by ass kissing money hungry Blogger. How are u doing Abi? Got my drill, right???

  4. Blair Witch, Abi is very stylish and you know it. She makes almost everything look good.
    But I've heard she's very proud and saucy.

  5. Abi Voltrons defending her lack of style and nastiness. Just because she wanted money buying high end designers doesn't make her a fashion expert. She is a wasteful, nasty and fugly even with her FAKE TEETH. No matter how many plastic surgeries she had to look beautiful unfortunately for her, she will always look just as ordinary as she look. Attachee to Kardashian floor mat aka Malika

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