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Seems like the current Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdulahi Ganduje whose 1st term is gradually coming to an end & who might not be getting a 2nd term, who incidentally is also the in-law, to the outgoing Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi who was mercilessly defeated at the very recent elections in Oyo State (one only hopes that both wouldn’t be united in disappointment), seem to know something that no one else knows or he might probably be hallucinating uncontrollably.

That’s if his recent loud boast is anything to go by, as he seem so cocksure about uoturning the bad results and  gaining victory when the Gubernatorial election in Kano state might have come to a proper conclusion, even as he is on the verge of an embarrassing defeat after March 23, 2019 which is the day for the planned supplementary election to fix the inconclusive exercise. If his words are to come true, the Governor might need to add other titles or sobriquets to what he is already called, like seer or clairvoyant of extraordinary power!

As it were now, everything is somewhat dicey for him, as it can go left or right for the APC Gubernatorial candidate, who is playing 2nd fiddle for now to is his rival from the PDP- Abba Yusuf, who is leading him by at least a margin of 26,655, having gotten the majority of 1,014, 474 votes to Ganduje’s 987, 819 votes, with 128,572 votes canceled.

It is because the margin of victory so far for the PDP man, is far less than the number of canceled votes that a supplementary election would now happen in those areas that their votes were voided. So by his boast that “the PDP will receive the shock of its life” in the supplementary election upcoming, the Governor must have a major magic she wants to perform that would dazzle all comers.

If that acyual boast by GANDUJE can be somewhat interpreted loosely, maybe he trying to say that he would get all of the votes at the supplementary election or what? From the results of the 44 LGAs already read, the shock in actual fact has been on GANDUJE. This is the same man that was able to orchestrate a total victory for the President at the 1st election, but couldn’t do same for himself outrightly without having to go through a supplementary. Now how he wants to manufacture a special shock from somewhere all of a sudden beats one. Even if the PDP opponent were to get only 50000 of the 126000 plus votes, and GANDUJE gets all of the remaining 76572 votes which impossible, he would still be defeated, at least by the slimmest of margins.

So is the Governor who was caught receiving money before, from a contractor, long before the election ever happened, planning some other type of funny business???? Remember also, that over this same election issue his Deputy was arrested at the weekend.

From our calculations, except only a miracle not supported by the true God can occur, then only then, would GANDUJE retain his seat as the Governor. That bribery allegations, that smear that he had thought he had weathered, might have finally gotten to him and withered down his former massive and unflinching supports. If he is a man of honour, he should just begin to pack his bag. It is obvious that he is not as popular again as he thought he was and no more a well supported Governor like he was before.

He might just be joining his in-law in political retirement albeit temporarily for now. 

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