Owelle Rochas OKOROCHA, Senator Elect? 

Uche Nwosu & wife

It seems like for the outgoing Governor of Imo State, he is fulfilling that saying that says “when it rains it pours”. And that just might be the atmosphere or current situation that he is facing right now as it’s like in one of the novels by the world famous writer/author James Hadley Chase, where for a particular character, it seems like all his cookies all just began to crumble all at the same, giving him no respite whatsoever!!!

The latest trouble for the gregarious statue builder from Imo State, is that his preferred candidate and son-in-law, Uche Nwosu his former Chief of Staff was declared a loser by the INEC at the just concluded Gubernatorial election in Imo State, that both the later and former were so desperate to win at all cost. So very much was dependent on Uche Nwosu’s victory.

Fighting under the Action Alliance (AA) flag, Uche Nwosu was said to have polled 190,364 votes to come 2nd in the election that was won by the PDP candidate, in the person of former Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria between 2011 and 2015, in the person of Sir. Emeka Ihedioha who polled 273,404 votes.

With this loss, the APC has now lost the only South Eastern state under their wings before, to the opposition party, the PDP. So it’s a clean sweep for the PDP now except in Anambra where though no election took place, but it’s the only Eastern state where the APGA reigns. The loss itself didn’t take anyone by surprise as the APC under Owelle Rochas Okorocha in Imo State didn’t do anything that was worthy of them getting reelected back into power in the state. Apart from the notoriety the Governor got from building statues as monuments to people, not much is heard about his developmental strides in the state known as the Eastern Heartland or formerly Land of Hope. So the APC candidate, a former PDP stalwart in the person of Senator Hope Uzodinma at this election in representing his party, had an uphill task before him from the get go. But kudos to him though as he still came 4th by polling 96, 458 votes in total. 3rd behind AA’s Uche Nwosu, was none other than ‘perennial guber aspirant’, Senator Ifeanyi Araurume who represented the APGA at this election where he polled 114,676, losing again for the umpteenth time!

Another juggernaut who participated at this election and was summarily demystified and was brought to his senses, was none other than a former Executive Governor of the state, in the person of Ikedi Ohakim who contested under the flag of the Accord Party and got a paltry 6864 votes.

Back to Owelle Rochas OKOROCHA, seems like the pouring rain is not abating any time soon. Even his win or should we better say supposed victory at the February 23, 2019 House of Assembly elections, is under scrutiny as we speak. His name has been omitted from the list of the Senator elects from Imo State by the electoral umpire, the INEC. Reason for that decision is because the returning officer at the time, in the person of Innocent Ibeabuchi had shouted it out for the whole world to know that, he had only released the results of that election and declared Rochas winner under duress! So until that allegation is resolved, Rochas supposed victory is stained and under suspicion then and he might not even be the Senator at the end of the day!

While all of these troubles are on. An aide of the Governor was arrested just how many days ago for the withdrawal of over a billion NAIRA allegedly meant to induce voters! Even if the burden to prove the case of attempted inducement is on the police or the EFCC, that staggering amount of money might already be lost as it would be forfeited! In the midst of the whole unprecedented shenanigans, the Owelle has also been suspended by his party, for anti-party activities.

It’s like the Yoruba adage that says, “when big fight would smack one down, pinning one to the floor in a hold, then smaller, insignificant and miniscule fights that normally wouldn’t have had the heart, would be encouraged to show face to trample on one too”.

What a massive fall from grace for this very loud person? 

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