In the story of Julius Ceasar, the late former life ruler of the great Roman Empire of yore, of all the 23 death blows/stabs he received from the members of the Senate, about 60 of them in all that participated in the plot to kill Julius Ceasar, the ruling class of the Roman Republic which, as a  republic that at the time of Julius Ceasar, was the Empire that ruled the entire world influencing life in all ramifications, the most painful of those killer death blows that took his life was the one by Marcus Brutus, his younger friend and own protégé. That’s how deep treachery can go.

Reason for the terrible pain was not far fetched though and was majorly because Julius Ceasar had always known Marcus Brutus, all is life. Infact, he was like a father figure to the traitor and had seen to his growth and advancement however he could. And this was because Brutus’s mom was a long time special mistress of the dictator and so Ceasar had somewhat special interest in the boy that grew to a man and in fact saw to the growth of one of the henchmen of the plot that later took his life. There was a time that he had had the opportunity to kill Brutus for treachery, after he had returned from exile and had won a victory over the army of the then
Emperor who Brutus had followed and supported against him, but instead he left him, believing that his magnanimity would count for something. So when Brutus later on, delivered the damning, most telling blow (stab) in that chamber with others and that later killed him it was very shocking for Julius Ceasar. Incidentally the plot and murder all occurred then in the month of March of 44BC hence the tag “Ides of March,

Julius Ceasar in outright shock was said to have exclaimed as the knife pierced through his body, “Et tu Brute”!!!!, which loosely translates to mean “You too Brutus or Even you, Brutus? In that exclamation, was the totality of the surprise that had overwhelmed the dying dictator that someone he had leaned on, and that he thought was his own through and through was actually one of the major institigators of his murder. So even if all the other stabs weren’t that fatal, that one by Brutus had a major telling effect!

Why the recall of the story above? It is because fast-forward to now, something of the same sort is already happening now in our own time and clime as we speak. It is even followimg somewhat that same sort of script and it is all unraveling even around the same timing (month of March), with characters that we know very well too. The likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his erstwhile team member and so called personal person.

Both Tokunbo Afikuyomi and Asiwaju have known each other for God knows when and both were staunch members of the Alliance for Democracy of yore. It was under that party that Mr. Afikuyomi became a 2 term Senator.

It was from being a Senator that he later bacame a commissioner in the administration of Babatunde Raji Fashola as a nominee of The Asiwaju. From all indications, Asiwaju and Afikuyomi were very close, until something must happened between them at a point which turned the latter totally against his former benefactor, much to the extent that in the supposed recent battle between Asiwaju and Ambode, it was said that the unseen hand and power behind Ambode’s resistance & defiance then was in fact Afikuyomi. Much as they fought that battle then to a near standstill, they still lost it, with the outgoing Governor accepting his fate and seemingly supporting the new candidate the party now preferred.

Another battle has since come up again now. It is quite obvious that how that first battle ended didn’t go down well with some. Hence this time around, the same TA in battle array with the opposition in Lagos, especially with the backing of the highest hierarchy of the opposition in the persons of Atiku, Bode George, JK, Saraki, Fayose etc with the active connivance of even some highly placed members of the ruling party, have all vowed to use all that they have and can muster to bring the strong man of Lagos and in fact South West & his dynasty crumbling down at all cost, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In this battle, it is very obvious that many would sustain injuries and those injuries could most likely be near fatal or even fatal  and that’s because these combatants are not playing at all as it is a no holds barred fight where all and everything that can be used to win is allowed. Their 1st battleground is fast approaching and it is to make sure first and foremost, that the candidate favored by the Asiwaju and his supporters in the upcoming Gubernatorial election in Lagos come March 9, 2019, in the person of Babajide O. Sanwoolu does not win. If they can achieve that, they would have killed 2 birds with one stone. First would be the vindication by many that Ambode shouldn’t have been done away with in the 1st instance, that he would have won the election without any stress had it being him that contested and then secondly, the loss, if it can happen would totally demystify the myth about the Asiwaju as an incomparable mobiliser of men, who is in charge in Lagos and by extension the South West, one whose support guarantees a win always.

They had tried doing the same, for the Presidential, but it didn’t succeed in full, though truth be told, they really tried with the result they got. That was actually a scary one. But for this upcoming Gubernatorial election, they have since intensified their efforts and have closed ranks and have chosen to focus majorly on a goal, to get Lagos at at all cost, by every means necessary and the one at the fore-front of this battle seems to be Mr. Afikuyomi.

What it is, that is so so terrible that the Asiwaju may have done to him, to warrant the stab, no one knows yet. But it is obvious that he is hell bent on achieving his goal! And he would go to any length to succeed. He seems to have some very strong support base though.

Would he and his company/cohorts succeed/survive this battle? We would know in the course of the next few days or at least in the next 2 weeks. What we only know for sure now is, when elephants fight, it is the grass under them that suffers the trauma and the grass in this case, are the supporters on both sides of the divide. 

By Maestros Media

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