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Babajide Sanwo-Olu 

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Bayo Adelabu

The self-styled religious leader, who goes by the the title PRIMATE, heads the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, situated in Ejigbo, Lagos. Prophet Elijah Ayodele is very well known as a seer of extraordinary repute and true to type, he has again restated what he said long ago as per the chances of the PDP in the February 2019 Presidential election.

But not only just that, he also gave his predictions too on several of the upcoming Gubernatorial elections in some states of the Federation.

Hear him- the PDP would find it outrightly difficult to unseat PMB in 2019. Reason for the difficulty is because they have refused to do the right things from the very beginning of their pursuit.

According to him “I said it the other time & I still maintain it, if PDP had given the ticket to Bukola Saraki, they would have won because it’s only Saraki that can unseat Buhari. But the PDP stakeholders have not done what they were supposed to do.

I said it in 2015 that Jonathan may be the last President from the PDP! I am still standing on it that unless they take a quick step and that is for Atiku & Saraki to do the right thing, that is only when PDP can win. For now I am only seeing Atiku & Saraki playing!

As per the Gubernatorial elections, “For Lagos State, it would be business as usual, but the APC will still win. Oyo State, it’s going to be tough. The PDP man there has missed it, it’s still going back to APC.

Ogun State is a troubled state. The election should have favoured the APC, but APC may not have it in Ogun State. Don’t under estimate Amosun’s candidate or the candidate from the GNI. But PDP will never get the ticket in Ogun State.

For Delta State, PDP will take the state. For Rivers, though its a do or die affair, Wike will still come back. Kano & Kaduna is for APC. Then for Imo State, if the PDP man is serious he can take the state, but unfortunately, I don’t see him to be serious. And if the APC puts their house in order in that state, then they can win that state.

APC may win Anambra state for the President. Ebonyi & Cross River may go to APC, if the PDP is not careful in those states.

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  1. It just shows how fake this pastor is…didn’t anambra do their election this year already. This one nah fake news. Shiooor!

  2. Anon 1:36am seem like sometime in the eagerness to pull down someone, the person throws their brain away too. Read well please, the report or story says Win the state for the President!!! It didn't say anything about Anambra's own Gubernatorial election. "Anambra may win state for the President"

    1. Obviously your brain is pulverized or on something really strong. How can Anambra win for itself as an entity for the president, if not by a political segment? For you to even feel so strongly about some good for nothing pastors just shows the level of your intellect. So I support the previous comment. You write like a babalawo, some baba, some pastors in the bush bring sacrificial animal or baby type. Regressive fool.

  3. Oooo wow another naked madman on the lose as joined the conversation! Nitwit who couldn't make headway in school have found the social media a place to show off what they couldn't express while in school. Pulverized would have meant the person is already dead meaning the dead couldn't have made any contribution. Anambra as a figure of speech meant the state could be won for the President. Nicompoop!!! If you had been reading the news lately, you would have seen or read that even as the Governor who is on his 2nd term is still APGA, he is openly in support of PMB who is APC. So that tells you dumbass mofos that there's the possibility.

  4. This is not a prediction but an opinion of the Pastor. If as said it is a prediction, it just goes to show how shallow our media is. or the so called pastor.

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