Olusegun Jnr and Bola Awolowo, parents of the bride

It’s most definitely going to be a superlative gathering come January, the 19th of 2019 just a few weeks after entering the new year as the CEO of Nigeria Export Processing Council that’s NEPC for short and his amiable wife, Bola Awolowo who have been married now for a good 28 years, would play host to the world as their first daughter Seun Awolowo who is a about 25 plus would be getting married.

Olusegun Awolowo Jnr, is the “most visible” grandson, grandchild (apart from the wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo who is his cousin) of the late sage and former Premier of Western Nigeria, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo and his wife the Yeye Hannah Dideolu Obasanjo. Though Segun has an elder sister that’s not too popular by name Funke Awolowo.

Segun Jnr is also the only son and child of the very famous matriarch of fashion, Hajia Abah Folawiyo, the owner of award winning Labanella fashion brand, which in its hey days, was the go-to fashion brand for the super rich and famous in Nigeria. 

From all indications, it promises to be a society affair of the monumental kind. Colourful Aso-ebi the African common uniform, have been going round already like it is with Yoruba society event. This promises to be off the hook in many ways bar none. The lady getting married by name Seun, is a niece of the VP through his wife.

The Awolowo family are in the top echelon of Nigerian society so they wouldn’t be playing 2nd fiddle at all, especially as it’s their daughter’s do and it is the family of the wife that normally goes all out in such cases like this, so this would be super upscale by all standards. Segun himself is known to love the spotlight so he is likely to make sure it is one hell of party, like the Americans would say!!!

This is also the marriage of the 1st grandchild of Hajia Abah, a known top matriarch of the Lagos society who is one of the wives (in fact the most visible) of the late billionaire philanthropist Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, the father of Billionaire Tunde Folawiyo. So her friends would give outstanding support like she has done for them too for several years now. Also for the highly connected Barr Segun Awolowo Jnr, this is his 1st child, and his first of this type of party ever so he would want to make it a statement one.

Top Government functionaries across board, corporate colossi and captains of industries of different colouration, the heads of diplomatic corps and other guests etc are expected to grace the occasions. And even the media is already geared up to cover the whole proceedings.

Sadly, one part of the parents of the groom is said to have passed on very recently. So maybe, all things could be postponed or they might still go on as planned. 

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