Mr & Mrs. Enyinna Anumudu flanked by the Ajimobis. 

Joyce Anumudu nee Jacob with Abisola Kolapo-Daisi

Hmmmmmm!!!!! So this young delightsome and very loved up couple are already married??? Ooooo yes by all intents and actions, as they were declared man and wife just yesterday at the marriage registry. So by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that governs marriage, they both are now Mr. & Mrs. Enyinna & Joyce Anumudu! Meaning Joyce, the super make artist to the famous is now the former Miss. Joyce Jacob, so everyone take note.

The duo had their 1st step into matrimony sealed by the court yesterday, Saturday, December 22, 2018 very quietly and at hand to celebrate them were just a few family members and close friends, one of such being Abisola Kolapo-Daisi, Oyo State’s 1st daughter and a few more, maybe just a hand ful. So one down, 2 more ceremonies to go.

The expected out of this world traditional wedding that had been set for the village on December 28, 2018 from all we can gather has been postponed for some reasons to a later date in the new year-2019. Joyce parents and immediate family members live abroad, so things have to be done at their convenience too. So doting mother-in-law would have to wait before she fetes the world to a super classy ceremony. We trust her!!!!

So away from the paparazzi, the duo and a few quietly went to the registry and had their wedding and so every other thing that comes now like the traditional-Igba Nkwu and white church wedding and reception is just an addendum.

Congratulations to the couple. 

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