How time flies so quickly! So Quincy is about clocking 60???? The grandmother looks good we must say!!! Life surely must have been good. She’s obviously a good example of what she does and preaches, good living.

And so to celebrate hitting 6 and 0, her diamond jubilee at that, the lady known to have helped to position Herbal medicine use and good living in Nigeria in a classy way is sweeping all her guests off their feet as it’s going to be like an Aladdin ride on the magic carpet!!!

Maybe her plan is an ingenious way to manage the event most appropriately, so it would be very exclusive and not ‘a for all’ shindig. We all know that majority of Nigerians love the, I heard and just thought to branch thing, the queen of herbal medicine in Nigeria is taking all her guests to guess where???……. the stupendously beautiful and idyllic Dubai!!!!

And it’s not even just Dubai, the birthday party would be hosted at none other than the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, that awesomely majestic 5-star paradise situated at the Palms, that awesome man made island resort. And from the look of things, especially as stated in the well packaged invitation card, it promises to be an helluva party that shouldn’t be missed at all by any. That’s if the person is willing to cough out, at least a million NAIRA for flight and accommodation alone. The birthday celebration is packaged as a very short 4 days fun holiday, with the Dubai Desert Tour inclusive.

Suggested airlines for the January 2019 trip are Emirates, Etihad and Kenya Airways. Hotel suggestions are for the Atlantis and the Dukes, both in Palm Jumeirah with 3 nights costing between plus $800 to plus $1500.

The supremely gorgeous Senator Daisy Danjuma, wife of Ret. General TY Danjuma is the Chairperson of the event. Ace comedian and MC, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, would host the event. Award winning Nigerian gospel artist, known for many great hits like Olowogbogboro, Alagbadaino etc, would be the day’s guest minister. It’s an all white event, with dress code slated as “glamorously white”. 

Order of the event– so you land on Thursday, January 24th, you are transferred to your hotel and rest. Next day Friday, the 25th is the Dubai Desert Tour and Pre-birthday dinner. Saturday, the 26th is the actual D-day, when everything would go totally off the hook. Sunday, the 27th is departure day for those returning to work on the Monday after. So it’s planned as a badass weekend of fun and revelry.

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