Tosyn Bucknor-Boyer, is the younger, very effervescent sister of top events manager and CEO of Zapphaire Events, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. The 37 year old OAP is also a good friend to many stars and celebs, who loves her so much.

The kind-hearted soul, who was always very lively, with a very contagiously good spirit passed on untimely yesterday. She was discovered dead by her husband of 3 years Aurelien Boyer, upon returning from work, which is a very sad development.

Though the cause of death was not immediately known, it is suspected that she might have succumbed to rigors arising from crisis as a sickle cell anemia victim/sufferer, with no one around to immediately tend to her it must have been somewhat!!!

The Unilag graduate has been a popular OAP for very many years now and in fact, one of the most intelligent one at that.

She would be sorely missed by all, especially her fans who loves to hear her beautiful voice most often on radio and most especially also her close knit family.

May her gentle soul find rest. May God grant all her loved ones, the husband and her immediate family members and friends, colleagues etc the fortitude to bear the unfortunate, pretty painful and untimely loss.

Death o death,. Thou hath struck again, taking away very untimely at that and very painfully too, a gorgeous and beautiful soul.

You have again stricken the hearts of Tosyn’s loved ones and have caused them unbearable anguish, by taking away a world star too fast.

Though, you have supposedly won again. But be very mindful, for your own demise/death also beckons too. As you cannot escape it. And thy own pain would be forever and eternal. 

By Maestros Media

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