Lagos anticipates the wedding to dictate to other weddings as powered by Captain Chris & Martha Najomo.

Bride and groom 

Martha Najomo in the league of Jewelry merchants, is in a special liga of her own bar none. Where she occupies, others salivates to reach.

She is the stupendously well-heeled, wife of celebrated airline Captain, Captain Chris Najomo. So now just imagine such a person, now hosting an event or an occasion, you must then understand that it would be 7 stars or 1st class extra premium all the way.

So come January 3 of the new year, that’s 2019, just as people are still thanking the Almighty for keeping them good and great into the new year, all roads barring any unforeseen circumstances, would lead to the Balmoral Hall inside the Federal Palace Hotel compound, on Ahmadu Bello Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The who-is-who of the society, those who make things tick and tock, those that help to garnish occasions by adding spice and sauce, those who help to transform events or occasions from ordinary to extraordinary have been quietly notified to keep the date and like eagles that they are, they would all converge powerfully at the venue for the traditional wedding and engagement ceremony of the daughter of Martha and her husband.

By every yardstick you might want to mention, this 2019 year opener of an event, would be one by which many subsequent events and occasions would be measured or judged. The couple involved are no small fry and they don’t do things in small measure at all, especially as it concerns one of their kids that’s so well loved. We hear that all that can be done to make the event a one in town is been done.

Those who matter to the families have been notified long ahead already and so they have been availed the long opportunity to prepare ahead, so there wouldn’t be any excuse (s) not to standout like a million gems. The Najomo’s daughter-Christabelle by name would be joined on the date traditionally to her handsome beau, a Kenyan born US based Chemical Engineer by name Zaccheus. This is the event that would have all and sundry in attendance. The subsequent white wedding is a more like a private do, that would be in Dallas, Michigan, the US of A. The promised society wedding has been tagged Zella 2019.

The 56 year old stand out mother of the bride, by name Martha Eseoghene Najomo is the owner of the exclusive, Seraphina Gems, which is renowned for being the stockists of some of the most exclusive gems and jewelries in West Africa. She would be 56 on November 24, 2018. She is from Umolo in Delta State. The exquisite beauty and dresser par excellence, holds an NCE, from College of Education, Abraka and she also holds a BA and Masters in Public Administration, her husband is the famous Cap. Chris Najomo. And both are the parents of 7 adorable kids. Martha is also a grandma too. She started her successful business in Gems trading 8 years ago, March 31, 2010. She has been in business though for 24 years.

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  1. Aloba, have you posted on the Akin Olugbade and Fatai-Williams wedding crash of their kids Dademu and Lauretta???!

    Don’t post my comment o.

  2. @non hater that marriage has finish for life. Tay tay. As the father did bad to people, kama is a bitch. The man has been curse. His sons will never never marry except he does the right to those he has offend. He will not see is children children. No be me talk am. If you know you know. Bottom of money . .

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