Atiku vs PMB

We have 2 main candidates. 

But you can abstain. Or you can choose a fringe candidate. You can demand a census or referendum before any election. That’s a choice too.

Democracy is freedom.

We have a monogamist and a polygamist. I know what Islam says. I know what Islam prefers. I know about the equality of persons. I know the marital status I will prefer.

We have a former military officer and a former Customs Officer.  I know which institution was more morally flabby. I know the one that was in fact a college of corruption. You can choose as you wish. One was an example in rectitude, cited by his peers. The other was a picture of the  routine moral decadence his parastatal was known for.

Choose whomsoever you like.

We have one candidate respected by foreign leaders and the international community for his integrity. We have another with a sullied international reputation.  I want a leader who can’t be deemed by outsiders as fantastically corrupt.  I would have wanted Oby Ezekwesili too.

Choose your candidate. It is democracy.

We have one candidate who has allowed a later day reputation of nepotism and tribalism to rest on him. We have another who has appeared more cosmopolitan.

Make your choice. I will prefer a leader that can heal a fractured nation.

We have once candidate who appears business savvy. it is possible he will be quicker in decision making. And he may be more flexible and more eager to reach helpful compromises.

It’s your choice.

We have one candidate who had the opportunity to grab oil wells. But he shunned inordinate wealth acquisition. We have another who worked for government and worked for himself. He exploited his positions in government and fattened his private pockets. I want a leader who isn’t possessed by the spirit of compulsive wealth acquisition. You can choose whom you want.

We have a candidate that has put in sweat into railways and agriculture. He has engaged in the biggest social intervention programs this country has ever known. He paid Biafran veterans what had been denied them their life time. He is paying Nigerian Airways workers. We have another candidate who saw  openings in government economic policies and grabbed cakes for himself and his friends.

We have a candidate who deputised in an administration that paid off national debts and privatized public assets. And left a sizeable sum in the treasury. We have another who is frugal but met fragile circumstances that caused him to balloon the national debt profile.

One candidate has mouthed restructuring. When he was in power he resented that topic. The other was willing to look at restructuring when he was out of power. But when he got in he said it was for the NASS to deal with.

Choose your candidate.

Angel Gabriel is not on the ballot.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Insightful article. This just encapsulate the dilemma of the Nigerian electorate who yearn for good governance.

  2. It wise to choose integrity and value that Buhari represent. There may be little hardship for a moment which is expected in laying a formidable foundation but is for solid, great and enjoyable future.

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