Rt. Hon. Razak Atunwa

Since the eminently qualified former Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun was hounded out of her exemplary service to fatherland on the case of presenting a dud or forged or fake NYSC discharge certificate and in order to get the unrelenting and unforgiving attack dogs off her back so she could have peace, she had to honourably resign, another person now in the eye of the storm for the same exact case is the former speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, who also held many positions in the past administration that had ruled the state, who is also the PDP Gubernatorial flag bearer for the next election, in the person of Hon. Razak ATUNWA.

Atunwa a top lawyer, who schooled abroad, in the UK to be more exact and who was called to the bar also in London and who had worked as a Cab driver in the UK before he came back to Nigeria and fortune smiled on graciously courtesy of the late Dr. Olusola Saraki, has been found not to have served his fatherland by undergoing the compulsory and stipulated one year service to the nation and to circumvent the process, he had gone on to obtain fake discharge certificate which he deliberately provided to his party to allow him to be eligible for public office.

Just the very same way that Premium Times investigated the former Minister of Finance. KEMI ADEOSUN who having schooled all her life in the UK and had lived most of her life in the UK also and had passed the eligible age for service by the time she was called to serve her fatherland, but in order to do the right thing was swindled and given a fake certificate and  was outed later, same way the same Premium Times have investigated Hon. Razak Atunwa, the PDP Gubernatorial aspirant/candidate and he has been found wanting too.

So as a lawyer, who has reputation  We are of the thought and sincerely advocate that he must either step down or be disqualified! Our premise on that is based on the fact that, whatsoever is the sauce of goose, should also be the sauce of the gander too! You cannot hound one to resign for a genuine mistake, while turning the face when it came to another!!!

For deliberately obtaining fake papers to advance your career is tantamount to fraud!!! Razak Atunwa according to his record was born in 1969, this same October the 17th of 1969 to be more precise. The records now said he finished at the University of East London where he got his law degree in 1992 at age 23. A year after he got his Masters at age 24. By law it meant he was eligible for service!

So even if he lived abroad for so long and he later came home after hitting 30, why the need to obtain a fake certificate? 

By Maestros Media

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