H.I.M, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Ojaja II and Yeyeluwa SHILEKUNOLA MORONKE Ogunwusi 

Like we already said in our earlier report, it was a low key occasion that took place in Akure, Ondo State. To be more precise the classy traditional ceremony held at Ijapo Estate Akure yesterday, Thursday, October 18, 2018. Kabiyesi was not in attendance at the ceremony though, after the ceremony was when the queen was brought to Ife. The Ogunwusi family attended the wedding on the King’s behalf.

The family was lead to Akure by the King’s father, Prince John Oluropo Ogunwusi. And his wife, Olori Agba, Margaret Ogunwusi.
Also in attendance were:
Prince Adegboyega Ogunwusi, Prince Adetunji Ogunwusi, Prince & Princess Jide & Folashade Fadairo, Princess Adesola Ogunwusi, Princess & Mr. Seye & Foluso Kolawole, Princess Adebimpe Ogunwusi & Mr. Bolaji Jimoh, Princess Bunmi Ogunwusi, Princess Adebambo Ogunwusi, Princess Doja Ogunwusi.

The new Yeyeluwa of Ile Ife was brought to Ife at 10pm, last night to begin her new life as the Olori (Queen).

With this done now, it practically silences all the speculations that had surrounded his imperial majesty all of this months. All of those connections that were speculated before have now been finally thrown into the dustbin of history!

There’s in fact a school of thought that believes that some of those connects that were speculated and that gained traction in the media might have been stylishly sponsored by those women mentioned just to see if they could stylishly drift in or so that thgey could slide in stylishly into Kabiyesi’s DM.

Kudos to the Kabiyesi. Now that the little distractions are over, it’s now time to completely focus on advancing the glory of the Yoruba race around the world and the preaching of the message of love, that his imperial majesty has picked as a major focus that needs undivided attention.

Congratulations to Ife’s New daughter and wife of the King! We are waiting to celebrate the twins, with much pomp!!!! She was born on April 15, 1993, so she’s 25 years old.

More pictures after the break.

Washing of the feet of the new wife. 

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  1. She look like an SU or an Aoostolic Evangelist and I'm sure she must be a virgin
    too. Ooni went to the basic and not getting one of those GIRLS. Good for him and wish them happy married life

  2. She is a prophetess, I forgot what the bible said of unequally yoked? My next question is this, on who's authority has she been preaching the word of God since? She founded a ministry for heavens sake…
    Virginia slims ni, was the previous olori a virgin? Worldly gains!!!

    1. At GBG You took the word out of my mouth. She is out there doing her scam/Runs with gullible people out there

    2. And still refusing to take down his pics from her social media platforms. Which means she is still riding on his name.
      She was the one who did a press release announcing an end to her marriage. How comes she is still the one refusing to take of what associates her with him. I bet she is in regret.

    1. I knew the ooni's story would bring you here.

      I sent you an email on Mon…subject is "Enquiry on —– Ile Ife family for my step daughter".

      I'll sure send "kolanuts" to you.

    2. @Gbogbo big girl, please what does Loveweath do? I have some questions on myself that gets me confused. I will really love to speak with her,if she is indepth on spiritual matters. Please kindly take out time and respond. Thank you

    3. Didn't know Yorubas still make village family background enquiries before marriage. To check for family cases of mental issues and epilepsy.

      That blood, lol.

    4. @anon 5.33am, yes she's spiritual the Ile Ife Ooni way. But I'm not chatting with her for that purpose. Mine is an Ile Ife family check.

      @Mama borngirl, yes we still do. But most families are blinded by wealth. In this case I got a message in my FB messenger giving me a clue on some things I don't like. As it may be from a furious ex, let me clear it or confirm it
      from a neutral person.

  3. Her poor church members who she laid her hands on now know where her powers are from. On whose authority? Your guess is as good as mine. Who takes over her church now that she is an Olori?

    Priestess more like. Walking on blood, incisions done, incantations and rituals done. Gbo gbo e.

    @Aloba, a previous report this year said 6 women – 1 in Canada, 1 in the USA, 1 in Ondo and 3 others. I guess she is the one in Ondo.

    But Zaynab has been quiet for a while now. Guess she has moved on to the next. @GBG was it from you that I learnt this on this blog? "Oni nkan tan gbojule."

    Anyway, congrats.

    1. You took the words out of my mouth maami. She was never a prophetess..have always been a priestess of an idol world just using church to show her powers.

      Prophetess that doesn't wear earrings but wears makeup.

      Her mum who had it all calculated will take over her church and will also get a chief to marry her.

    2. She doesn't wear earrings and also preaching about giving your life to God but here she is being married to a King? The king of king that practicing idol is part of his responsibilities. Isn't she going to support him for those practices? Hopefully this is not another recipe for disaster

    3. @Prophetess indeed comment
      But what's the difference between her and you that is contacting a spiritualist online. None.

    4. God bless you Anony 10.20 can you see broad daylight hypocrisy. Imagine contacting a spiritualist and having the audacity to talk . GBOGBO I raise hand and yansh for you

  4. Hmmm this Evangelist, just be careful with those Oonis 3 nonsense fatibumbum sisters. They would show you o if they can’t control you. Go and ask Olori Buki and Wura Itohan. Let’s wait and see. This kin Christianity wen den they take leg cross blood. E get as e bi. Now maybe Yoruba people would be happy now, a Yoruba Olori.

  5. This Oba is so pretentious. He tries way too hard.

    What exactly is wrong with being a traditionalist and owning it? If he didn't want to be involved in any of the rites he shouldnt have hustled for it. He thinks it's a joke? Why marry an Evangelist? To prove what to who exactly?

    In my opinion, there are no Traditional rulers again in Nigeria. Gone were the days of the likes of Oba Aderemi, Oba Ademola, Oba Akenzua 11 and 111 etc. The ones we have now are so classless and tacky. It's nauaeating. Arrrrgh!

    1. Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Ilorin, Emir of Kano, Olu of Warri, Oba of Benin, Obi of Onitsha are nowhere near classless and tacky. Except you are restricting your tag to the S.W.

      Do not be fooled. He loves all these things and she’s a faux evangelist. They fit.

    2. @Anonymous. Lol . I know why I specifically left out the current Oba of Benin. Didn't he visit Buhari? I don't remember his father doing that.

      @Fan. Obi of Onitsha maybe. The Emir of Kano talks way too much. Doesn't the current Olu of Warri have links to Tinubu?

    3. You said classless and tacky. What does talking too much have to do with classless and tacky? When he talks too much as you said, is he making sense or talking intelligently? So because he has links to Tinubu he is classless and tacky? In that same vein, Prof Osinbajo has links to Tinubu and that means he’s classless and tacky going by your definition.

  6. Am late and to think I've always had interest in his marriage. This so called evangelist prophetess has never been working for God, her followers have been scammed.

    My dear people Fan, GBG, Aproko are perfectly right. Will she bring her ministry to the palace, wonders shall never end.

    Well she's beautiful and young, an ideal queen. But she's still controversial in another way.

  7. I totally agree with you. She doesn't wear earrings due to her religion but she can step in blood with no shoes and also marry oonirusa? Very hypocritical. This is why I don't trust these so called pastors/prophetess. Is all about their personal purse/interest

  8. Gbogbo big girls had the impression you're mean even in real life. You just wowed me by making useful enquiries for your step daughter *claps*

  9. Yes, the neck!!! Why is her neck so swollen? Hope this is not a big issue right there for a 25 years old to have such a swollen neck. Thought the OONI should not only look into her background and moral part but also look into her physical and medical condition. Goodluck with this one though

  10. People are really sad in this country I swear.The man was being harassed for being single now that he has married look at the way old shameless married women on this blog who also have daughters destroyed her with mouth without knowing her.Same people celebrated the senior olosho the man married previously so if this girl had been a runs girl and not a pastor or whatever you would have been ok with her stepping on blood.Funny thing is that in a country where over 55 people have been killed just this week alone, you carried a young lady's matter on your head like Gala.Why don't you go fight Meghan Prince Harry's wife for compromising on most things she stood for just because she married into the royal family.The young girl has married and living her life continue bellyaching as if 99.9% of all of us in Big are not hypocrites.The ones who will attend church/Mosque in the daytime but in the night go visit one baba,Alfa in Cotonou or Ekiti too joining mouth to abuse a young girl who has done you no wrong.i dey laugh o

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