The highly revered Oonirisa, Adimula of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II apparently gave this very eye-opening, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring interview to the Yoruba arm of the BBC very recently.

As a custodian of tradition and one who should have insight to many deep things, he showed a glimpse of his vast knowledge, wisdom and understanding in this rather short part of what we believe is a much longer, very insightful interview. The interview itself was conducted in Yoruba, but we have interpreted and transcribed it in English.

Here the ‘Kabiyesi’ (one that cannot be questioned).

“It is in the tradition of the Yoruba race that religion came out from. The Moslem (Muslim) religion came out from us, the Christian religion also came from it too.

Ogun-Osoosii, started the house of worship; that’s talking about the house of worship as we call it today.

“Ogun-Osoosii” is the Head/the overseer of Ogun-Osoosii in the house of worship at “Osoosi”. This is what later became ‘catechism’, that became ‘Catholic’ now.

Where the whole world go to in “Mecca”, where they go to pray and worship is called house of prayer (Ile adura), House of prayer is house of Oodua.

It’s Oodua that’s also called Adura (prayer). Oodua owns it. One of those that works (worked) for him is called prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and all other prophet’s, until Prophet Mohammed (SAW) now came there.

Oodua owned the place, that’s the house of worship. He was the 1st to climb the Mount of Arafat. He had climbed the mount to go pray to the God (olodumare). That’s why till tomorrow the Moslem still keeps the tradition of climbing the Arafat.

The Christians or those of the Christian religion too climbs the mountain too.

It is the ancient tradition of the Yoruba race that began it all, we birthed (gave birth to) religion (worship), but a lot of people don’t have that understanding/knowledge, they have forgotten this, neglected it, pushed it aside.

Olodumare (the one that brings/binds together and rewards accordingly), meaning God Almighty, would allow us to come to the understanding and knowledge”.

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