It’s the type of story that you can only hear about on that popular radio or is it also on local TV titled Nkan’be meaning -Strange Happenings or Strange occurrences. So this story is actually stranger than fiction!!!! But it is actually true!!!

The types of things people would do, the length that some people would go. How far down some people are willing walk, all just in order to have wealth (riches), influence and power, just so they would be celebrated or be popular or for recognition at all cost for a period of time, is totally unbelievable!!! For many nothing whatsoever and we mean absolutely nothing, is off limit. And like the Yorubas would say “Whatever it would take, is what we would give it”, even if they have to go to the  very extreme, engaging in the dark arts, going into extreme diabolism. Mennnn!!!!!

This our dude is not a small boy by any means. He is very well known, especially all over the country for that matter, reason been that he is very loud. He likes to believe he is very smart, but some things or decisions he had taken sometime back made him a laughing stock, just for the fun of it though.

He likes to believe he is a leader of his people. Some have greatly complained that his time in charge has not really benefited the people he is supposed to lead. Please don’t look at the SW at all in your thought about unraveling this mystery, but it’s not like, that such things don’t happen there too though.

This particular dude is a ‘megalomaniac par excellence’, one that is suffering from an overdose of Napoleonic tendencies! To him he is a gift of nature to his people and they must by force recognize it. He even believes that he has a right to the actual throne itself and to that he can never ever get to. So what’s the problem with him?

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The problem is not just about him alone at all, it’s an actual family issue/problem, a major crazy, totally unpalatable drama/dilemma at that. And it has to do with this person’s actual 1st fruit. And by that we mean his 1st child for those who don’t understand the particular deflection we have chosen to use here.

According to the gist, this man’s daughter, who is very well to do by all standards on her own, owning this and that around town in at least 2 capitals, who is very well married to an anointed son-in-law and with kids too, has somewhat of an annual issue. When this thing comes, the married lady with kids experiences something like some form of temporary madness, that just renders her totally uncontrollable and her dad strangely, is the only one in the know of the antidote/cure/solution.

Once this normally gorgeous, well schooled, quite impressive lady starts to dance naked literally in the throes of this onset of madness, those around, very few at that must immediately call the father’s attention to it. And the solution from what we heard is on the joystick of the dad!!! Once the papa’s joystick touches the lady’s Bermuda Triangle in the sacrilegious game of emotions, once the Forbidden Fruit is eaten by her dad, sanity and calmness returns and the lady is again well and okay again, till the demons shall return whenever again that they need their food!!!!

So it’s like the lady has 2 husbands, her man/husband and her dad. The husband has signed an unbreakable contract with his dad-in-law that he dares not break. To try it would not augur well at all for him. For now though he is enjoying it all oooo. As if things work out, he is on the rise and could…………..

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    1. This can never be said of BT. He’s helped people massively. “He likes to believe he is a leader of his people. Some have greatly complained that his time in charge has not really benefited the people he is supposed to lead.”

      Correct! Who else but a SE governor? The worst set of governors who don’t empower people.

      This is the Roach.

  1. Oluwa ooo,things are happening.truly all that glitters is not gold.sometimes i will be thinking my life that why didn't find myself in a rich family but some those these privileged kids are going through a lot.


  2. Sometimes I envy all these rich kids. Me being from a humble background struggling to be a successful entrepreneur @ 30. They having the funds to waste away anyhow. But when you find out what some of them go through, you'll thank God for your position in life.

  3. What Yoruba’s call Igbo men when they want to insult. Then add cha at the end. Na wa ooooool. This is crazy. SE governor. I hope this is not a fake gist oooo.

  4. Not surprised, he has other fetish stories about him. Lots of them sleep with their daughters for one akward reason or another.

  5. Not surprised, he has other fetish stories about him. Lots of them sleep with their daughters for one akward reason or another.

  6. This is normal amongst the wealthy.There is a particular wealthy family based in Lagos the head of the family MUST sleep with his sons wives.And its not. one off but happens whenever the man shows up at their house.The son whose turn it is will simply pack an overnight bag, bid his wife goodnight and return next morning .According to one of the sons that os the secret to their wealth hence they have to sacrifice that

  7. I heard the Yoruba Chief that is into his young plastic surgery wife has something to do with one of his daughters that was his favorite before he married the young wife, that helps him to spend his money. The wife and the daughter had a big beef that sent the daughter away for years. There is more to all these people

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