Jimi Agbaje 

JK vs. BOS 


It was like he went comatose after he lost in 2015 against APC’s own Akinwunmi Ambode. After all the intrigues that heralded that election, he went somewhat totally underground without a whimper all of the 3 years, not saying nothing, not very visible too at that.

But suddenly when the APC in-fighting began and there was the talk that Ambode, who was seen as the poster boy of the APC wouldn’t be allowed to go again for a 2nd term, it was like a wake up call for the opposition. Their new excitement is based on their belief that many would be extremely upset with what the APC has done to Ambode, so with a divided house on one side and a good candidate on the other side, there would be a protest vote that would yield the votes to the other party as long as they the opposition pick a very good representative to carry their flag.

First to scare the APC, the PDP had thought to bring billionaire oil magnate Femi Otedola into the race which would have been a game changer of a decision had the billionaire agreed to join the race, but the complete businessman stylishly refused to catch the once in a lifetime bait, which could have either made or mar his image, as some would have thought it was a direct affront to the ruling party.

So for the ticket, especially to see who can battle the APC’s candidate-Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu wit for wit, style for style, move for move etc, the PDP made sure to wait till the APC race was 1st concluded before they did theirs. So after just a few days of the APC competition, the juggernauts in the PDP met today to battle it out,

It was a straight battle between Jimi Agbaje versus the perennial competitor, Adedeji Doherty, the super rich fellow has tried, times without number to win his Party’s ticket for the Governorship race, but has never been lucky. So again, after a keenly fought battle win by 1100 votes for JK against 742 votes for Deji Doherty aka DD; Jimi Agbaje has been declared the winner and he would do battle with APC’s Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu BOS for the Governorship next year. And that promises to be an unprecedented battle ROYALE!! It would pit JK and Atona Oodua Olabode George against BOS and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is the Asiwaju of Lagos, Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom, the Baba Oba of Ikorodu and the Aare-Ago of Egbaland.

No one, in fact no other person has ever given the APC a run for their money like JK did in the last election in 2014/2015. As he brought a lot of expected competition into the mix which had been lacking before then and which really excited a lot of people and now that he has emerged as his Party’s flagbearer again, many are expecting the battle to be very fierce once again and not just a simple pushover.

So it’s JK versus BOS for the jugular of Lagos. A very exciting time awaits us in Lagos. 

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