Ambode vs Sanwoolu 

Though it’s rather too early now to make a full assessment of things as per the ongoing #LagosApcprimary2018 battle between the sitting Governor in the person of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode & the man hoping to dislodge him, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, who is the current LSPDC MD/CEO, but the initial assessment as it were now is that, it would take the combination of the heaven, with the very active involvement of numerous angels and maybe the participation of JUST one Cherub to change the overwhelming result that is already getting very glaring for all to see.

Though we agree that it is yet early days now, but for the places where things have happened already and where their results may have come out and have been unofficially declared already or read out already it can only be described as, for want of other better adjectives to use as landslide victories or total annihilation for Sanwoolu!

Just imagine margins of victory as much as 9000 to 20, 16000 to 3, 16000 to 80, 4800 to 1700,  14000 to 0, 14000 to 0, 960 to 4, etc.

It is just better to describe all of these initial outcomes as a total massacre. But we are expecting very gallant showings from Ambode in all the wards in Epe, Amuwo, Satellite, these places and a few more are what can be described as enclaves of Ambode’s loyalists. Ambode’s deputy is from Badagry, so maybe she would do well for her boss in that area! But unconfirmed news/report says she might also have dumped her boss, to follow the fully and its entirety the dictate of the party above personal interest. A video has gone about where she openly said party supremacy for her is above all other considerations.

Also it is been speculated, not confirmed though as a fact that the current Commissioner for Information and Strategy for the state, Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan, might also have shifted his allegiance to be on the side clamouring for full party supremacy,

The Governor is from Epe and he is reputed to have a cult like following in Epe majorly because of the developments he is supposed to have brought to bear there.

According to the unofficial results in from the Epe area, the Governor as expected annihilated and decimated his opponent with incredible margins like 30000 to 0, 29500 to 10, 11700 to 50, 15000 to 0, 6120 to 0, 17100 to 2, 4500 to 0. All of these numbers though haven’t been confirmed yet. But please forget the numbers for now till we hear or get the official information, just judging by the sheer number of people out and about at the places we went to, Sanwoolu from just that alone might have won the primary. But not until all the results a collated and ratified officially before we can now declare as a fact who the winner is.

Feelers from so many people or sides are coming in though. Some have claimed that the Primary has been cancelled and some have said the primary result would soon be announced. But we are still awaiting what next!!!! 

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  1. Ambode messed up with that desperate stupid press conference he gave. That left bad taste in people's mouth. He went below the belt for a man of his status.

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