The Governorship primaries of the APC is surefootedly upcoming on Sunday September 30, 2018. After the near disaster in Osun State, where the PDP and her candidate caused a major stir and nearly carried the day, nearly upsetting the apple cart as it were, but thanks to the run-off which totally changed things, after that victory snatched from death, all the focus is now on the Governorship Primaries across board and the main attention is now focused on Lagos.

The reason for the particular focus on Lagos is not far-fetched. In an unprecedented manner, first of its kind in Lagos, the incumbent perceived to have done exemplarily well is not getting the full and rousing support of his own party to run for a 2nd term! So if things follow how it is been perceived to go, Governor Ambode is surely not doing a 2nd term.

In Lagos the incumbent, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would be fighting a battle of survival, the most fierce battle of his life ever with 2 well grounded opponents who wants to take the baton off him and the 2 are none other than the formidable MD/CEO of the LSPDC, Hon. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu and Obafemi Hamzat, 2 exceptional grassroots mobilisers.

Many had thought that someway, somehow the incumbent would have it all easy and get the flag to run for the APC a 2nd time for the 2nd term, but alas it isn’t going to be and after much begging to change things and make things favourable, the other 2 have refused to step down, so it is still a straight battle between the 3.

According to our investigations it is going to be a fierce battle come the D-day, be it Saturday or Sunday. The Governor from all  indications has gotten a new form of injection and all of a sudden seem to have gotten his confidence (moho) back somewhat and from all indications, he is planning to spring a surprise on all, especially his other 2 opponents and their supporters and if care is not taken and the 2 are complacent or lackadaisical or over confident, they might not just know what would hit them until after everything has ended and then there’s no going back again, but to present the winner of the primary as the flagbearer!

Already supports have risen up from many quarters, though not the usual that should normally support him and would have given him the assurance for the 2nd term. We know for a fact, that the Governor and his inner circle, which includes the cerebral Commissioner for Tourism, Steve Ayorinde, known to be a strategist would have put together some sort of foolproof plans, that would surprise all and sundry and pave the way for their man-Akinwunmi Ambode for a 2nd term.

Just 2 days to the Lagos Governorship Primary, the following is an unbiased assertion of a few of our findings though. There seem to be 2 very extreme divides of thoughts about the Governor of Lagos, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. There are those on one side who seem to have a very strong, super strong at that dislike of him and it is with very very strong passion too and they just feel that he is all surface, but no substance, and those on this divide are very much, much of those who would normally vote. Why the Governor engenders such dislikes we do not know.

While on the other side, there are those strongly passionate about the Governor, his achievements and works till date, incidentally they are in the minority, not in very large numbers like those on the other side, but what they seemingly lack in numbers they seem to pack very well in strong passion, even to the near extreme and it’s  like they have the resources for the battle, plenty of it, enough to play with that, if you understand what we mean!

As we speak we hear that lots of jostlings and arrangements are going on, and we have even heard that financial inducements of extraordinary proportion may also have been a good weapon that’s been deployed. Though a particular 5 billion plus supposedly dispatched to some have gained some traction since yesterday those particularly named to have gotten that package, have vehemently denied such a thing ever happened. In fact they have denied in very strong terms at that, that such an inducement never happened!

This is actually that time of the season where those who are perceived to be influencial are smiling home gladly to the banks as their supports are being sort for.

So without the support of the Mandate Group and the Justice Forum, both of which are the 2 largest support groups in Lagos, and both of who are firmly behind Sanwoolu and Hamzat, can Ambode still do the impossible, by springing a monumental surprise???

By Maestros Media

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