Bimbo Kashamu-Most Outstanding Body Cream Brand in Lagos

Patricia Onumonu & Sandra Abiodun 

Wow wow wow, seems like there are no more ebony coloured or dark skinned lady oozing with gorgeousness as they show off their melanin in Nigeria no more, at least judging by the number of the fair skinned guests at this award showcase.

No wonder those who have ventured into skincare, cream and bleaching industry are smiling home to the bank daily without a care in the world! Many of such ‘beauties’, customers of these experts in the skincare industry, in all shades of lightness (some having totally become Oyinbos) and sizes stormed enmasse the venue of the 1st ever Female Entrepreneurship Award powered by the “CityPeople Magazine” brand at the weekend.

The sexiness & confidence on display at the awards, was totally over powering by all standards!!!

The new award show from all indications, is packaged to celebrate and award those in business that have excelled and done very well in their areas of endeavours. Such hardworking entrepreneurs who despite the prevailing circumstances in the country which have killed many businesses owned by individuals, have stayed put and have somewhat become the masters of their game, excelling and making profits from their engagements. So the awards given did cut across, the industry from those engaged in merchandising of all types of goods, to those who offer their services in the beauty industry and so much more too.

A few of the evening’s recipients were Patricia Onumonu of the Trish ‘O’ Couture fame. The very stylish lady from all indications has done extraordinarily well in the fashion industry in the last few years, culminating in her opening her humongous HQ in Victoria Island and also picking several awards here and there, for her ingenious creativity and exemplary business acumen. One of the other recognisable awardees on the night was none other than the owner of a skincare brand, Bimbo Kashamu who obviously was a ‘good’ signpost/example of what her brand offers to their several clients (that’s if what you see is how you want to end up though), she “Most Outstanding Body Cream Brand in Lagos, others were Adeola Jumoke Raki-Queen of Fabric Embellishment, Kofoworola Adebutu-Luxury Shoe dealer of the year, Sandra Abiodun-Nos 1 Designer for Nollywood Stars. There were other winners like Otunba (Mrs) Sade Adesoye, a major jewellery merchant, Jokotade Adeusi, Alhaja Morufa Shabi, Titi Marshall, Wife of K1 the ultimate was another recipient and many others.

One of the obvious sponsors of the award night, was Eleganza Company. And they were well represented by their Executive Director, in the person of Chief Mrs. Shade Okoya. Many of the indigenous brand’s products like coolers, suitcases  etc were given  out to awardees.

Check out the pictures of the many African Oyinbos and other guests in attendance.

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Hajia Abah Folawiyo 

Chief Mrs. Opral Benson

Alhaja Morufa Shabi

Alh Montai-Tai Elemosho Okesanjo

Adebola Jumoke Raji

Temitope George Taylor 

Otunba Sade Adesoye & Temitope George Taylor in red

Kofoworola Adebutu-Luxury Shoe Dealer of the year

Chief Mrs. Shade Okoya

Jokotade Adeusi

Sandra Abiodun-Nos 1 Designer for Nollywood Stars 

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    2. @ Oreke Your name says it all. Let's start from the base. Which of them is not a whore or have kids for 2 or 3 men or that is not married or have kids for a married men? Is it Bimbo or Sade Aleah or Ehizogie? Hard work my foot. Some of them have business quite alright but do they make enough money to cover their business overheads? Keep fooling yourself about their cover up business! Unfortunately City People is awarding them for being mediocre

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