Baring any last minute unforeseen circumstances another humongous hotel carrying the world famous name MARRIOT is getting set and ready to take over Ikeja, GRA in Lagos.

According to those privy to the information, all things been equal, the hotel that’s been promoted by the billionaire Executive Vice Chairman of Sifax Group, who also doubles as the Executive Director of Sahcol amongst many other titles, would most definitely open its doors to the public before the end of the year. Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi, 56 is a trained lawyer, who got his law certificate from the University of Lagos, who has grown over the years to become an award winning business mogul, who is also a Menber of the Order of the Niger since 2010. His conglomerate is into Haulage, Logistics,, Oil and Gas, Maritime and Aviation and now Hospitality too.

The Marriot Ikeja, is one project that has been close to the heart of the generous gentleman billionaire, who is an avowed Philanthropist per excellence. Infact his generousity is legendary. We hear and as must be expected especially for a brand that would carry the famous Marriot Hotel brand name, that the hotel would be a statement in class in all ramifications. We even hear that owner of one of the biggest and best event’s company has been consulting on the interior design and layout, to make sure it would wow and impress massively.

This new addition to the Ikeja GRA landscape that has taken all of 4 years, since the ground breaking in August of that year, to start and finish is a 251 rooms structure on 8 floors, that’s 7 storeys and it one of the new additions to the Sifax Group expansion. The hotel can be accessed from Joel Ogunnaike and Oba Ladejobi streets in GRA Ikeja.

Dr. T. O Afolabi is one super wealthy dude who is providing great employment opportunities for many Nigerians via his investments and he must be well commended.

Kudos to him! !

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  1. There goes traffic on an already choked road. Imagine what would happen during school runs hours and there is an event at the hotel. Gra folks get ready for 6 hour traffic.

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