This world sha, you cannot ever satisfy or please all. No matter what you do, even when you are being very plain and straightforward, they would still suspect some kind of undertones.

Would a lady not know, who her baby’s daddy is?

How can you ever think or even imagine that she could give what belongs to one person to another, especially in this day of DNA testing and confirmation!!!!

Abeg people should go take a back sit jare or even if possible go hug a transformer and let the matter rest jare once and for all!!!!! From the horse’s mouth herself she has confirmed who got her preggers, but still yet some wouldn’t rest!

First it was said that she had a surrogate birth, surrogate birth???? Now after her expose as per the daddy of the new born baby, they have now gone to town again and are now claiming that the baby might actually belong to another, a stupendously wealthy dude for that matter by the initial BN!!!

How any sane human-being, with his or her thinking faculty correct can think like that, beggars our belief. The fact is that BN is a very married man, overly serious and one that does not have a roving eye or eyes at all. Hmmmmmmm. Also SJ is known to be the boy of BP &  both couldn’t have been eating from the same pot, or honey pot or better still Bermuda Triangle, na na na, it is an impossicant!!!! Also for the conspiracy theorists whose minds of gone terribly far, why would one dude intentionally be the fall guy for the other, for what gain?

Why would any for that matter be pointing at the wealth of LI as evidence? Evidence of what? She is super rich, by the grace of God and providence and infact all by herself and by her own making and hardwork. She has paid her dues and this is her time to lounge and have fun unlimited and limitlessly if she wants to for that mattter. The grace of God has seen her to this space, so people please let her be and not speculate unnecessarily!!!

We believe very well that when the time comes, she herself, knowing her fully well as not the type to keep things hidden, would come out to tell all and sundry, the fact as they are….. Chikena!!! ! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Shame on you Aloba for kissing Linda's ass. Since she seems to be generous, perhaps she might give you some handout for your ass licking!!! You would have become richer than her too if you had been focus and consistent with your blogging.

  2. Abiola, abeg let this matter rest; abi nkan imii wanbe ni?
    With all this your back to back write ups, I'm inclined to agree with the anon that said Linda pays you 50k a month for feeding.

    Fyi: but/still/yet all mean the same thing; pick one!

  3. Maestromedia stop the ass kissing of LI, it's now becoming pitiful. I have been following your blog for years I thought you had more self respect

    So it's true what they are saying about you ?????????

    Now it's crystal clear.

    Please have some self respect. At least stay neutral

    1. The reason why I'm disappointed in his back to back epistles is because he refused to write or answer when some BV'S asked him about Linda's baby father and now after Linda herself gave out his baby' father's name, he is now going Gaga about Linda this,Linda that, pls give me a break!!!! Perhaps the ANonymous was right about Linda giving him penny!!! Shame on you Aloba for not man enough to write about Linda shenanigans after all she writes about other people business

    1. Linda is a well known lying piece of shit. But Stella shouldn't pretend to be a saint. She's the devil herself and a very terrible person who uses giveaways to endear people to herself .I just wish people knew the real Stella. She says worse things about people behind and goes ahead to should about what the stupid Linda said aeons ago. I repeat, Stella is a bad person! I have receipts but I do not need to e pose her for the snake that she is. I just hope one day, she slips or the smokescreen falls off.

    2. And you anon don't you say things behind people's back…. We are all guilty of it even aloba himself .As for giveways she is not the only one giving bvs give her to gift people in her blog I have given her too. I believe she has tried imagine doing free adverts on her blog daily and people making millions without paying her a dime unlike Linda's blog so annon you are the snake I see … No one is perfect okay I know Stella has her flaws especially not be able to curtail her temper and being irrational sometimes but truth be told she is always blunt which doesnt do her good most times. If you follow Stella's blog you would have read her say things she did in the past which isnt what she is proud of unlike Linda that painted herself as suffered and then hit it big without any nasty thing she has done portraying herself as a saint. Na we now know she has had 'plenty of sex 'as evidenced by her pregnancy. And causing a marriage not to hold because she was sleeping with the groom two weeks to the wedding! So be mindful of what you say !!!

    3. Welcome Stella (anon 8:33am). I insist that you are a despicable person. You say worse things about people. Don't push me to release receipts!!!

    4. Mumu I'm not Stella okay . …You think she'll respond to your stupid allegations … .That will be lame of of her.I'm in Nigeria and I am a medical Dr. so you can as well release your stupid receipts or is it tea!

  4. Heya! I'm at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the superb work!

  5. Aloba Stop begging for money and either is a joke or not, Linda used to copy from you and now a billionaire and there you are still begging from people. How can you be rich when you are not consistent with your blog? Go to a spiritual church for a deliverance. You have a big issue about not being focused on something that can catapult you into a multi billionaire. Sit down there and be talking about Linda,Mr Fool

  6. Eeeyah!!!! At American monkey et al no problem. Better to be sure than sorry and peeps like you would start the story of envy! I have since understood that many don't understand English, neither do they know what sarcasm even means!!! Anyway no wahala. Am enjoying the drama though. Abeg ooooo, if anyone knows for sure if Linda can actually give someone 50k and monthly for that matter, I ll interview that soul! You cursing know this and know well, every curse released that does not hit target adds 7 and goes back to those that sends it. It is the natural and indisputable law of nature. May it be for you and you have proclaimed for me! May your be quickly answered.

    1. Why are you bothering yourself with these illiterates that don’t properly read to understand!!! Just do your bit. WE, understand your flow…….

  7. Lol. Laugheeeeeeeeeee. Wow you don't read the blog and you are commenting. Seriously!!!! Wow, brain touch is a serious issue ooooo. If na your mama truly born you. Show your face or write your real name. Don't be an anon!!!

  8. Announced being preggy alone!
    Did babyshower alone!
    Went through childbirth alone!
    Bought push gift for self and alone!
    Supposed BD denies sm statement!

    Something is definitely wrong somewhere..!!!

    You invited me into your business by putting it out on social media, so don’t ask if it’s my business, shikena!

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