Ghana is one of the several countries in the West African region of Africa. A very proud nation with very rich history, culture and heritage, a country greatly blessed with very welcoming people. They do not boast for any reason as being the most powerful black nation on earth or that their economy is the number one or two or even number three in Africa. Their (total GDP ppp being $144 plus billion)(GDP nominal of $49 plus billion) & per capital of $4,982) neither are they the most populated country in Africa too, (28 plus million people) in all.

They are a nation blessed with gold and that in great abundance too, infact they are the 7th largest producer of gold and most probably now the largest producers of Cocoa in the world and not too far back, they apparently discovered crude oil and they are said to have the 5th largest reserve in Africa, something that we in Nigeria had discovered and exploited since the 60s and most probably have the largest reserve in Africa and one of the largest in the world.

One of the few things that Ghana competes very well with Nigeria on are football, jollof rice, music and hospitality. On jollof rice, the Ghanaians believe very strongly that they cook a better one, that their version or variety of the food is much better than ours and that in fact the best. As per music, truth be told the Ghanaians a super talented and have a good understanding of rhythm, especially as concerning their interpretation of their own form of highlife. In terms of hospitality, Ghana, especially Accra in the country has enjoyed much beehive of activities in the last few years and because of the development, there has been a whole lot or loads of upgrades in many areas. Their hotels likes of Kempinski, Movenpick, African Regent, Labadi Beach, Villa Monticello, Tang Palace and more are very very upscale. Infact  they are on the level of their counterparts either in Europe, Asia or even in America.

When it comes to football, they have somewhat enjoyed far more successes in the West African region amongst the countries in that axis.

The improvements in their many facets of life has not been limited to only the hotels though, it has touched many areas too, but the newest one right now that has gotten everyone applauding very vigorously and commendably too and has shown good signs of a Government intention to attract more people to their country. Tourism is the 4th largest money earner for Ghana. A country that is infact already very well known to be very welcoming of visitors, has taken it many notches up with the new KOTOKA international Airport, Terminal 3. For those who might not know Ghanaians are infact rated as the “11th most friendly nation in the world”, that’s in the whole universe and that’s a big deal! And in Africa they are considered the Nos 1! As at 2017 they were rated as the 43rd most peaceful nation in the world!

We have always said it that how a country is perceived (for perception is very key) by first time visitors or visitors in general, the kind of impression they can form so easily without unnecessary prompting can largely be influenced by how that country’s international airport is. The airport and its immediate surroundings can immediately make a discerning person form an opinion that could stick permanently and that can be hard to change afterwards!

The many pictures in this write-up for us says it all. Like already stated, the pictures are that of the new Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. You are free to deduce whatever you feel is best from what the pictures, aims to pass across. Though Ghana might somewhat not be as (RICH) financially as we are, but they seem to be getting certain things right far better than we do.

This new airport was built for a total of $250million dollars. It was built by a Turkish company in collaboration with some other companies. For a total of $400 million dollars, other airports in Ghana would be upgraded and updated to world’s standards.

The groundbreaking of the new ultra modern airport was done on March 2016 and now a little over 2 years it is ready and functioning.

Africa is not backward, no no, not all. But just that certain people/elements and in the minority at best, at the helm of affairs, bent on not allowing Africa to reach her height takes us back or leaves us stagnant. We are blessed by God with the very best the world can offer, in all areas of endeavors. May we take the Bulls by the horns as we journey towards fulfilling our repressed potentials.

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