Saraki vs Tinubu
Waziri vs Asiwaju

We believe that this is probably a declaration of war of the biggest kind in our country as the 2 gladiators set to lock horns are 2 formidable foes.

On one side and in the red corner is the Jagaban of Borgu himself, the one and only Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a super veteran of many classics. He is one man that has learnt so much by experience. He has fought many world titled fights and has won very many of them too. You can liken him to the great Mike Tyson at his most imperial best or is it George ‘the ultimate bomber’ Foreman of yore. These were men that even their opponents had already conceded the defeats to even before entering the rings.

Asiwaju’s number 1 epic fight, was a massive one at that, where he fought his opponent to a standstill, when even the whole of the FG was arrayed against him! And that unrelenting opponent then, in the mold of a Joe Frazier was none other than “Chief Olusegun Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR”, the former President of Nigeria. So fierce was that battle, that even Asiwaju himself came out a bit scathed too, but never gave up neither did he submit and it was after that fight that his legend was acknowledged by all and sundry! By virtue of the many fights he had engaged in, Asiwaju became a veteran that many began to fear to just face or to even lock horns with..

On the other side in the blue corner is a somewhat new kid on the block, a newly discovered dynamite kid of a sort, by the name Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, current President of the Senate and Waziri of Ilorin, who in the last 3 years had fought some of the most epic, most awesome, most must win battles of his career. We think and believe that no other Senate President in the history of the Nigerian Assembly has had to fight as much has Saraki had done to keep his title/belt. The most epic of the battles was him surviving all that was arrayed against him and even finally winning all his court battles to even the Supreme Court. So after coming out of that fierce and unrelenting attacks, where he was pummeled endlessly with leg and right hooks, hammer blows the types that Hogan Jimoh was famous for, blitzing blows the type Manny Pacquao was known for and survivinv the whole onslaught, he has come out with so much confidence and is now ready to come out against his most prized opponent ever now, in the person of the Asiwaju of the world, the Jagaban himself.

Like it normally happens at fights of this dimension and size, the much younger opponent, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, 2 terms Governor of Kwara, 3 years reign as Senate President and now a Presidential aspirant from the opposition party, is already mouthing and boasting to high heavens about his extraordinary boxing abilities. He has spoken about his speed and agility, about the strength of his blows and his counter punching ability and has ultimately promised to do a massive TKO!

He is already going like a James “Buster” Douglas, doing his own version of the” Ali shuffle”claiming to have the medicine, the cure, the panacea to treat the fuck up, of his opponent. He has said he knows how to deal with the godfather in Lagos that is terrorising all and sindry. He has claimed matter of factly that he possesses the antidote to unravel the great Tinubu, that he is ready to demystify him completely!!!

We know for a fact that Saraki has a formidable team behind him too, well scripted and well experienced in all the arts and acts, be it in misdirection, subterfuge, counter attack, counter intelligence, spying etc. A young vibrant team with exceptional intelligence at that, backed up also be an extraordinary spiritual coverage.

But is he and his team ready for what the Asiwaju can unleash?

Already some rounds have been fought seemingly. Though some are claiming that that was just shadow boxing, just a top of the iceberg and not the real Mccoy. That very recent Alpha Beta upheaval or scandal is a case in point. Where did that kind of thing  just emerge from?? When a former member of the same camp, suddenly went zany and began to point accusing fingers and raising dusts about what he was involved in before that was unpalatable! If not that it was part of a systematic onslaught (a kind of disguised and decisive hook) set to destabilize the so called opponent or enemy (misdirection), so that by the time the opponent is occupied trying to sort out that issue and be engaged in doing damage control, the attacker is gone on to other things.

On the journey towards getting the biggest prize/title/belt on the land in 2019, we are too sure many unbelievable cans of worms, a whole Pandora box or boxes would be unleashed that would even have fans and audiences or boxing enthusiasts on both sides nearly dazed or most likely knocked out!

Hear Saraki–

“Bukola Saraki” has promised to ensure that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, produces the next governor of Lagos State.

Speaking during his meeting with PDP delegates at the party’s secretariat yesterday, Saraki said he has “the medicine of the man who regards himself as godfather terrorising Lagos State.”

Saraki, a PDP presidential aspirant, said, “What you have been fighting for many years, you will have it during the coming election because you now have somebody that has intention and charisma to deal with those disturbing you.

“I have a medicine of the man who regards himself as godfather terrorising Lagos State. We have their formula, come next year, PDP will take over Lagos.”

The Senate President also warned Nigerians to be mindful of presidential aspirants promising to restructure Nigeria, if elected president.

He said: “Many aspirants will tell you that they will restructure Nigeria, but don’t let them deceive you because restructuring is not something only a president can do because certain laws also need to change.

“So you need a president that has the political sagacity to carry people along. But there are very few aspirants today that possess such charisma. Once I assume office, I will devolve more powers to the state.’’

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  1. When elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers. That’s if Saraki can be termed as an elephant. Maybe David and Goliath.

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