So that none would be left with the thought that his emergence on the scene at this critical juncture, is a joke of any kind and a mistake, one of those contesting to win the flag of the APC to contest the Gubernatorial election come next election, in the person of Hon. Jide Sanwoolu has inaugurated his powerful star team to ACTUALISE the dream.

First they have adopted a slogan somewhat which is….. “Eko nte siwaju” ……., which when loosely translated means Lagos moving forward……

And then Hon Babajide Sanwoolu has also inaugurated Directors and Senatorial Coordinators from all the Senatorial districts for BOSCO 2019: The first objective of this star team, is to make happen victory at the Primary which would pick who the APC candidate would be, that Primary is expected to be very keenly contested, so no stone would be left unturned to make victory there certain. Then when the Primary is done and delivered, their main task would now be to deliver the election itself proper.

This time in Lagos history is particularly an extraordinary time, especially in party politics and to make this very unique occurrence happen, some heavyweights in grassroot politics have been put together to make the unique happenstance come to fruition. Those appointed now to make victory certain are the following-

Director General-
Hon. Tayo Ayinde.

1. Mobilisation – Alhaji Abdullah Enilolobo

2. Special Duties- Hon. Adeniran Onilude

3. Fund raising – Tobi Lawal.

4. Legal – Hon. SOB Agunbiade.

5. Research and Intelligence- Hon. Wasiu Eshilokun.

6. NGO, Civil Society & Students-  Hon. Kola Egunjobi.

7. Media & Publicity- Hon. Sesan Dani

8. Security – Hon Bolaji Ariyo.

9. Planning & Strategy- Hon. Jimi Benson

10. Women Affairs – Hon Bolanle Akinyemi – Obe.

11. Ethnic Affairs- Hon. Wale Adelana.

12. Welfare – Hon  Ayoola Fatai.

13. Finance – Hon. Kolade Alabi

14. Party Affairs- Hon. Abiodun Mafe

15. Medical and Safety – Dr Sulaimon Aleshinloye.

16. Volunteers’ group- Hon. Kamal Olohrunoje.

17. Youth- Hon. Fuad Atanda – Lawal

Senatorial Coordinators: 1.Coordinator Lagos West- Hon. Rasak Ajala

2. Coordinator Lagos Central- Hon Wahab Alawiye King.

3. Coordinator Lagos East- Mayor Dele Osinowo.

Just incase many are still doubting what is going on in Lagos, when you are a good student of body language, may be then you would have understood that wherever Baba Eto, Cardinal Odumbaku pitches his tent is where the drum is most definitely playing from. For any that doesn’t understand who the Cardinal is, then they need to have an understanding of what the Mandate group is all about. At the very beginning in 1999, there was the all powerful BATCO/MANDATE group that swept the Asiwaju into power. And after victory was gotten, the BATCO (Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaign Organization) was removed and it became the Mandate Group. 3 of the most prominent chieftain of this group are Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Cardinal Odumbaku. This troika are totally intertwined, completely and uncompromisingly loyal to each other. The Cardinal who has helped in no small way to bring to power successive administrations in Lagos, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TINUBU’S 2 terms, Babatunde Raji Fashola’s 2 terms and this Akinwunmi Ambode single term, is an unflinchingly loyal sidekick of the Asiwaju and if you want to know for any reason, where Asiwaju is facing and where his support lies, then just look at atleast 2 people, the Cardinal and Aregbesola.

The Cardinal just last week with others gave their support to Hon. Babajide Sanwoolu.

Does that say much?… ….. 

By Maestros Media

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