There’s the grace about her. It speaks and it is just outstanding. There’s the poise about her, so perfect, so effortless.
There’s the Oomph, that package of electric energy that’s both enveloping and mad attractive. Her name is MOSUNMOLA, but many refer to her as Mo Abudu, even just Mo most often. Pretty soon like Oprah, just that one name that’s already tending towards the iconic would signify full success on all realms. She’s already accepted as Africa’s nos 1 media mogulette.

In a world, especially in a part of the world, where it takes far more effort for the female, for the woman to succeed and be counted, she against every odds has stood out. The founder of Ebony Life TV, the media moguelette, who is not yet planning to retire or step aside and is still looking forward to doing many firsts, stamping her sure foot on the sands of time, to leave indelible marks for others to follow is 54 today!!!! 54 for Mo like she’s only clocking her early 40s.

Mo is the epitome of beauty, grace, Oomph and brilliance all packed together as one. She knows her onions. Long before coming to the limelight via TV, she was already a major successful career woman, where she reigned supreme in the area of human resources/development where she excelled extraordinarily and then she later moved into Entrepreneurship fully and has expected again has done more than excellent. With Ebony Life TV she created a platform that has helped too many people, and many of these people out of gratitude would worship the floor she walks on.

So on the occasion of her clocking just 54 years old, it has been encomiums galore and we too have joined that great train and thought to say to this gorgeous feline of extraordinary package, a most wonderful HBD.

By Maestros Media

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  1. I find her attention seeking antics on social media embarrassing. Nothing gracious about how she carries on. With besties of questionable characters.

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