This daddy many times over in his 60’s ain’t gonna gree at all oooooo, as he still wants to grapple with virile young boys, younger than even his son in the chasing and bonking game!!!!!

When his stupendously gorgeous, ‘badassly’ shaped ex-wife left him and decided to go her own way with the kids and then his super sexy, fashionista of a mixed race, very long time girlfriend from Mugabe’s land, who used to shuttle between Lagos-her homeland and London, moved in as the ‘unofficial wife’ to be, many had thought that finally, ooo wow finally he would slow down, since he could now have for keeps what he was “chopping clandestinely”. One of the reasons for that absurd thought was because even while married to a ‘super beautiful wife’  who herself was mixed race, who gave him gorgeous kids, even at that his away game was still legendary. The unbelievable thing about it all is that, our man has been married several times over and still hasn’t learnt from past mistakes and weaknesses, but is still an unrepentant marksman, one most probably on the level of a Ronaldo, Messi, Higuan and even Mbappe all mixed together.

At the drop of a hat, he smashes like his very life depends on it. He has many good things going for himself l, as he is suave, stylish, Infact pretty cool in all ramifications, filthy rich and badass generous to the boot. A fantastic combo we presume, a combination that all ladies would gladly love. Some very very exclusive boutique hotels were and are action stations, one good choice is C.E in Ikoyi. He had different ones-damsels under lock at different spots. He was totally fixated on the mixed raced ones and because he is a confirmed money bag many times over, he could afford the game without blinking an eye whatsoever.

Even while he was still married, even his own abode wasn’t a no go area when madam wasn’t in town. Soon as madam was away, the preferred sidechick-D.A was moved in straight away, just imagine that blatant audacity. Troth be told he seems to have a mad soft spot for the lady wwho even had clashes with madam then, over her relationship with her husband. At a point in particular, he even organised a super exclusive birthday party for his babe at an exclusive joint in the Queen’s Land (we have all those pictures as we speak). One beautiful thing about him though is that he is generous to a glorious fault, he cannot be faulted for that at all. Cars are the cheapest things you can get from him, as he always always takes fantastic care of his many liaisons, no matter their number  (how many they are) .

While madam was on board, the African mulatto (sorry for that word) was on board too on the side infact powerfully at that, but she wasn’t just the only one, though she was a star amongst the several. Also on board at that same time was another mixed raced darling, who for lack of voluptuousness, over compensated with her insatiable appetite in bedmatics and wantoness! According to the legend, the very slender built Kelly, who is a mixed race of 3 combo is a wanton unlike any. She can go to any length and is readily game for anything, be it 2, 3, 4! Nothing is off limit, may be her wild nature was the attraction. According to the legend, so wild is Kelly that she’s hooked on the powder, reason why she’s tagged a junkie! Unrepentant one so they say.

MD according to the gist loves/loved her despite her craze; that might be due to how wild she’s said to be in the sack, willing to play with companions like herself as she’s not averse to sharing at all. She does men, but she enjoys her kind-feminine a whole lot too and has been in that game for quite a while now, going back several years (we would bring to you her female lovers/companions old & new soon in another story). She and MD have been an item for God knows how long now and because of the relationship, she can boast of a Mercedes Benz Formatic and a well stocked store somewhere in Lekki Phase 1 area for it.

But in came in SHELLY, the blonde bombshell with German blood. Like German machines/engineering highly reputed for being the best, this young lady is high up there too in terms of bedmatics engineering and efficiency. Shelly is a pot-pourri of mixes and in fact a twin! According to the gist, she’s an absolute and unrepentant wanton of the highest kind, an expert in using what she’s got to get what she want. And a stunner par excellence too. According to the gist, Kelly and Shelly ‘were’ both very good friends, infact roomies at a point from what we heard, since the group (made up of several mixed race girls) all play both sides of the coin, they were both very close. Maybe Kelly now brought Shelly into the game with MD and then like it normally occurs, shit happened! Kelly became relegated and then, Shelly now took over and she’s been having the best of time, since her relationship began with the incredible daddy Xmas, MD, who we have taffed Sir Mix a Lot….

About 2 months ago, as part of the largesse for their booming relationship, MD not only gifted her a brand new blue 2 door Honda car, she also got a classy paid for apartment (rented) in the Oniru area too. Though many of her friends think, the apartment was bought for her, we know very well that it is a rented one, but with 2 years paid. These 2 gifts are because she’s been able to use her “Bermuda triangle” & her skills very very well to mesmerise the insatiable MD. If you want to catch MD most often, you are likely to see him at that classy joint, located downstairs at last floor of that very prestigious hotel in Lagos!

While MD is still playing about like a champion stud without a care, sharing his milky largesse to all and sundry, sowing his oat like a farmer, hell bent on having a super yielding harvest., the ‘replacement madam’ from Mugabe’s Town is still the acting madam/homemaker, still hoping against all hope, that she would be installed officially as the main madam, legitimised as the newest and most probably the last Mrs.

Some have even claimed that the reason why the Zim babe-DA has lasted all these while against all others, is because she has always been strategic in her relationship with MD, she seem to have adopted the principle that a man would forever always sow his wild oats no matter the satisfaction at home, and because of that, she has always strategically not raised dust over that, thereby allowing him the opportunity to eat his cake and still have it and so maybe that is one of the things that has really  endeared her to him.

But even at that, as the years have gone by, this dude seem to just be getting more and more brazen, more and more in his dalliances. How a man at his age can continually satisfy all this young mares all at the same time is totally unbelievable! Like we said before though, he is a billionaire, in fact a certified one for that matter, so liquidity is a none issue at all! DA, Kelly, Shelly…….. Hmmmmmmm…….. Na wa!!!!! 

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  1. Musa, Dani, badgal coke head kelly and who is the new one? Heard he carries out some test before he beds a babe. I know one mulatto from ph that had to fess up after she discovered a test was going to be done on her. Whatever he’s sharing, only God knows as it’s confirmed he doesn’t use the rubber.

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