RMD and Don Jazzy are both undoubted juggernauts in their fields. Both are very prominent practitioners in the entertainment field in Nigeria, RMD in film and Don Jazzy in Music.

Both are/were in Scotland the birth place of Johnny Walker as the premium brand’s ambassadors on the quest to find the perfect blend in the #keepwalking attitude. And as part of the tradition, while in Scotland you behave like the Scots at least in dressing and sipping good Scotch Whisky a la Johnny Walker blend,. So they both wore the Scottish men’s national outfit-the kilt, and both were looking super buff and fetching in them and quite standout! Infact, Don Jazzy always the hilarious one added a bit of spice, when he joked about how wearing the kilt, allows one to free their very private something, so it can be free to get air! Hear him-

“When you wear this lovely kilts in Scotland ???????, the gbola is Finally free. ?.SHHHHH don’t tell anyone O. Having an amazing trip too. #LoveScotch #Johnniewalker #KeepWalking”

And for the veteran man of style, the Mr. Incredible himself aka RMD, how can a man in his 60s, be dripping so much juice and sauce, so effortlessly like this? It’s like, like fine wine kept in it the cask to age over the years, he has fermented rather well and he keeps looking better and better as the year goes by. JMD must be pinching herself and saying na me get am spirit, soul and body!!!!

Salute to 2 solid men, & please keep walking gallantly!!!! 

By Maestros Media

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