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Gorgeous Mrs Tola Adesokun-Ukpaa

Theo Ukpaa until a few days back was a top staff at Linda Ikeji Media Organisation, in fact he was the Head of Programmes. By virtue of his position, he was a man of influence at the organisation and he was said to have been very good at his job, having hone his skill around, before pitching his tent with Linda. But alas, under the so called cover of a hardworking, highly resourceful and passionate gentleman, supposedly hides a sinister vice, he has been accused by several of being a serial rapist!!!!

According to the story, not only has he being accused of been a rapist, but he is accused as been a repeat or serial rapist! He was recently outed by one of those he allegedly raped and in the course of that, there is the speculation that there are others too, who might also be victims and could come out soon too.

As at the time of this particular write up, “the alleged offender” is still on his honeymoon with his wife, he had gotten married just of recent. Him and his wife are on holiday, who we believe if she’s heard about the whole matter already must be thoroughly shocked to her bones by it all!!!! How can one, who only just got married, expecting to live life happily ever after atleast for the next several months, cope with this kind of terrible and shocking situation?

That’s the case Theo and his new wife would have to deal with for now. From a honeymoon, it is most likely that it might have become a bitter or sour sun already now, with this kind of allegation hanging over him.

And so in order not to be seen to be shielding the perpetrator of such dastardly offence though not yet convicted by any law, the very pregnant boss of the dude after having red the horrific ordeal of the victim, has wielded the big hammer from the USA, where she is currently counting the days to dropping her bouncing baby. We are too sure she must have felt rather bad about the whole situation, as it involved a women like her and Infact a young girl then, when it happened. Some had 1st raised the alarm at before, believing that Linda might have been shielding Theo, but apparently not until after reading the heart rending tale of the serial rape as recounted by the victim, then she was compelled as a woman to act.

Linda’s statement

I personally wanted to let everyone know that Theo Ukpaa, who was Head of Programmes at Linda Ikeji TV is no longer a staff of the company. His job with my company was terminated on Monday August 27th just a day after I read the heartbreaking story of Emilia Samuel.
The general public is therefore advised not to transact any business with him in the name of Linda Ikeji TV as anyone who does it, does so at his/her own risk.
Thank you

People are eagerly awaiting the return of the accused, to see how he would either react or deal with the unpalatable and shameful accusations and expose. If the law is brought into the situation and the allegations are proven, then Theo most definitely must be in trouble and would have to feel the full weight of the law or something.

It such a sad situation all round though. Imagine that the victim Emilia Samuel was actually 16 years old, when the offence commenced and she was compelled to out her rapist, when she saw the pictures of his wedding!!!! The lady who is now said to be married with 2 kids, must have summoned extraordinary courage to be able open up about being raped and even revealing her person for all to know. 

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    1. @ Aloba. This is not the Anonymous
      you responded to but just giving my oneAloba Are you scared to serve the tea? I would love to hear from you about the person and I wonder why you keep mum about it.after all you blogged about other current news except this and I honestly wonder why? Are you scared of her or her assumed baby daddy?
      I know you blogged about stories that other bloggers refused to touch and I found it strange that you didn't touch that part of her.

  1. Maybe Theo raped her…she knew about these accusations months before way before the public outcry and sent packing hushed it told the guy to leave for a bit and the quietly rehired him. Now that he upcoming UN award looks like it could be in jeopardy she now fired him again. Who like money pass? Abeg all dey smell. I hope the original girl that came out can still sue him. Too bad for his wife maybe he raped her too. She looks preggy.

  2. Maybe Theo raped her…she knew about these accusations months before way before the public outcry and sent packing hushed it told the guy to leave for a bit and the quietly rehired him. Now that he upcoming UN award looks like it could be in jeopardy she now fired him again. Who like money pass? Abeg all dey smell. I hope the original girl that came out can still sue him. Too bad for his wife maybe he raped her too. She looks preggy.

  3. Response @Aloba. Why do I have to do your job for you? Aren't you a journalist and a blogger? Why are you running away from her story after all you did about everyone else's? Give me a break Mr Coward with your double standard and irrelevant explanation

    1. @Aloba I plead with you on our blehlf not to enable this Anons comments. She’s messy and obsessed with LI. She can move to other blogs but we don’t do ratchet here. Why the fuss over Linda?

    2. Look at these Anonymous pointing fingers at the anonymous that wanted to know LI baby father!!! Guess a Saint like you all shouldn't be Oba gossip blog. If that is the case, You all should be on a newspaper website and not a gossip blog. Yeye dey smell.

  4. Aloba, you are full of shit.Why can't you write after all we come to your blog for that kind of info. Did you write about her baby daddy? Get real and stop bring a coward. You just lost a fan and your blog reader because of your comment trying to protect a lady that blogs about other private business. #byefelicia Linda muppet

    1. Fuck you anonymous. Leave Aloba and Linda Ikeji alone, it’s his blog and he can put whatever he wants on his blog. And what’s up with this obsession of who the baby daddy is? You’ve been going on with this craze for the past few weeks/months. Get a life.

    2. Anon 9.56PM FUCK YOU AND YOU GET A LIFE WITH YOUR STINKING MOUTH. ARE YOU LINDA OR HER RATCHET SISTER- LAURA? Linda has destroyed and exposed a lot of relationships and hers need robbery exposed too. I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL

    3. Anon 9.56. How did you know that the Anonympus had been going on with it for weeks/months? Pot calling the kettle black. Guess you must also be jobless to have known how long she has been on it. I'm sure you must be very interested to read the story about who her baby daddy is from Aloba. Very hypocritical of you labeling someone else's while you aren't better than too. This is a gossip blog and I'm sure everyone that is on this blog comes for hot tea that Aloba serves. Hypocrite of the highest order

    4. Fuck you Anon 9.56 pm too. Aloba doesn't need your help. He is a grown up and can make decision for himself. I'm obsessed with her same way she is also obsessed with other people life. What goes around, comes around and she need to get a dose of her own medicine after all she becomes rich based on gossiping. so Linda puppet stfu.

  5. Aloba don't let them push you into blogging what you are not sure of and when it will backfire, this same people will still come back and call you names. Nobody is sure who Linda's baby daddy is. Every thing out there is rumor! It could be that Linda bought sperm from a sperm bank to fertilize her egg or even pay a cute sperm donor. Anything is possible these days when you have money.

  6. Linda's baby daddy's name has been published in the comments section almost every time this question is asked.
    Aloba allows the comments to come through, so he's not "afraid of" or "protecting" Linda. Few people really care who the father of her child is, not even the father himself.

    Can the question stop being asked? We know who the alleged daddy is. After the baby is born and Linda tries to "reason" with the man about "his son" and a DNA test is conducted, perhaps that bigger story will be more interesting.

  7. I for one don't give a hoot if she is pregnant or who her baby daddy is. However, I think the Anonymous wanted Aloba to write about her because Linda herself feast on other people's. Although not that o care but I think is annoying why haven't any of the bloggers reported on her story too.

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