Maybe the resurgence or the supposed revival of the PDP is a mirage after all, as one of her leaders in the person of the very outspoken Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi FANI-KAYODE has blurted out his thought concerning the imminent demise of his own party, as he has faulted and condemned the qualities of one of the Presidential aspirants of his beloved party-The PDP! In the person of the current Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Olubukola Saraki.

Imagine that FFK as he is fondly called, insinuated something not too palatable in his assertion of the newest PDP Presidential aspirant, who only just declared his intention just yesterday in the words below-

So now imagine a top chieftain of the same party, now declaring that Saraki is not fit to have control of the party or its machinery! Is/are there already a division or divisions in the PDP which is supposedly the main opposition party? Are people already in different camps, ready to cling on to their own at all cost? To predict the death and funeral of your own thing, when all should be on board, working together against a common enemy is a bit steep or what do you think ? 

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  1. Saraki is a greedy bastard that thinks Nigeria belong to his family. This man is a bad omen that wrecked Societe bank and he shouldn't be allowed to go near Aso rock. Very arrogant that even his family cannot stand him. Ask Gbemi his sister about him

    1. Advice the Gbemi to find work to do, the female politician has not won a single election since 2007 and that one her father imposed her on the land. The only thing she can win is title of most resentful failed female nymphomaniac politician of Nigeria, aided and abetted negatively by her nymphomaniac sidekick abiola daughter.

    2. Nymph is the best word to describe her. Someday a BV will mention some names and I'll spill, all her friends husbands she fucks. Shameless pretty thing!

  2. He is so arrogant and everything has always been given to him easily. He was born with silver sooon and have no idea what suffering for something is. BY THE GRACE OF GOD, SARAKI WILL NEVER BECOME THE PRESIDENT IF NIGERIA IN HIS LIFETIME. Very destructive and greedy person

  3. @anon 2.59pm, so the criteria for being a good leader is to suffer for something? We’ve got issues I swear. As must as I agree he is arrogant and all and I don’t think he went about this whole thing in the right way. The so called ones that suffered for something as you put it, were they not the biggest thieves? Please we need men and women of integrity. For now I don’t see any credible candidate, and that’s the sad truth. Buhari just has to continue till we get the right person.

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