I have never been involved in thuggery, Hooliganism in all of my 30 years in politics”. And it wouldn’t start now….. 

Our attention has been drawn to reports in some quarters of the media about the involvement of the Zonal Women Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson in a fracas at the Lagos State Secretariat of the party.

To set the record straight, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson was never a part of the said incident at all.

On the sad day of the incident, six (6) weird looking men in black t-shirt stormed the office of the Zonal Women Leader (South West), demanding to see her. Her staff at the office requested for details of their visit including reasons for their visit. They there and then refused to provide information on their mission to Chief Mrs. Nelson’s office other than that they came there from someone they referred to as the “Iron Lady” from Lagos Island.

Apparently sensing that they were not going to be allowed to gain entry to see madam, which was because Chief Mrs. Nelson was it the time in a meeting with both the Lagos State Deputy Chairman of the party, Chief Sunny Ajose and the State Vice Chairman, West Senatorial
District, Chief Funsho Ologunde, the men there and then unleashed terror of
unimaginable proportion on the office and on everyone in sight.

They went on rampage and vandalized the office, beat up all staff members, party members they say and stole personal belongings that was in sight such as phones, office items and other valuables.

The men came prepared to maim and destroy. They were armed with shotguns and others dangerous weapons. This made party members, including
Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson to run for their dear lives.

The  Zonal Women Leader, South West, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson wishes to call on all party members, associates and well wishers who may have been inundated by reports of the incident to remain calm as the matter is being looked into by the party leadership.

We wish to maintain that the matter will be resolved amicably.

We also want to reiterate that our party, the All Progressive Congress is a party of peaceful co-existence and development, which are in alignment with what Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson has preached in her over twenty five years in politics in Nigeria.

The incident of Monday 27th August, 2018 is alien to Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson and we are assuring that the party leadership will work assiduously towards a peaceful and amicable resolution.

Hon. Princess Folashade Oba
For: The Media office
The Zonal Women Leader (South West)
All Progressive Congress

By Maestros Media

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  1. This a mother and a worthy leader in all ramifications,she has never involved or support any act of violence or thuggery in all her political activities or social engagements,give it to her superlatively in area of magaging crisis that ought to have escalated on different occasions politically,she is a God fearing leader inclined with spiritual guidance and discipline,even as the grand commandant with thousands batallions in Ikeja and some part of Lagos state,she will not descend so low or wage a war against anybody because oluwa loni key,her love for unity and peaceful coexistence of humanity is second to non and with all my years of knowing and been under her leadership I could say Yeye sewa is free minded,peaceful loving leader.

  2. Chief mrs Kemi Nelson has always been a violent free leader from inception, a leader with a difference,a Political Mentor to emulate in all ways,Free minded person that needed to be emulated for peace,unity also a love preaching Political Leader,more than a zonal south west woman leader but a great woman, strong and focus ,able leader of all among the great APC men in Nigeria, She's also a political mentor to the affirm new choosen state women leader.which we could confirm.
    So l go along with the headline thats says and l quote that chief mrs Kemi Nelson will never been involved or connected to any thuggery or hooliganism in all her 30 years Political history and surely why can that starts now at this level of her political carrier,she's a blessed political mangul and can never decend so low ,l plead we research well and review well before blogging or posting, this has been resolved under the amiable leaders of our great Party APC,I plead spiritual Peace to this issue

  3. Mrs Kemi Nelson brand of politics is completely devoid of thuggery and has never been associated with such. Everyone who is familiar with her political culture can attest to this fact. A loving,peaceful and easy going woman leader with enviable political history would never be associated with such unholy display. Yeye yewa political career has come a long way and it's too late to be tainted by mischief makers. May God continue to uphold and defend your labour for a peaceful and just Nigeria.

  4. Linda Ikeji-are you covering up or defending your employee Theo Ukpaa that has just been reported on SR of raping multiple women over many years? In the article it says you have been aware of this for months and kept quiet about it and you are going around promoting women empowerment and collection international awards all over. You need to come clean as soon as possible for or against these rapes or we go international on this very disgusting allegations. Where do you stand Linda? Are you for rape of women OR against it. You also conveniently fail to address this gist that involves you. That is very hypocritical! Time is ticking…we are bring this back to your organization. #Lindafor Rapeofwomen!

  5. APC members welcome on board. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and pls don't go after the elections and swearing in.

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