The quest to be a global, well recognised brand is not an easy thing to achieve, so one must always put once best foot forward and giving it all you have got. And that seem to be the ethos that our celebrity with the mostest, the glow lady-Omotoke Makinwa is following!

From New York City and now to London, she’s quietly and confidently doing what is required to make her dreams come true and very seriously to at that. See Toke take London! Never knew she was this well gifted and upwardly mobile until this incredible picture of the London twin hills, showing forth to much glory.

Here in the pictures taken in London, she’s looking all shades of gorgeous and dazzling all comers effortlessly without a care in the world. And even her body ????? too is majorly saluting her effort too. That slight cold London wind can help do loads to pictures taking you know! So CHEST out, attention twin nodes, now salute!!! We never knew she raks so huge for her body size! And she’s really putting them on display ?, especially the twin peaks!

Kudos to our upcoming and unrelenting global icon in the making. And naysayers, eat your heart out…….. Or better still fight your ancestors!!!! 

By Maestros Media

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    1. Bee you don’t have to look like a bag of rice to have curves. This is decent for us. Lovely size. Hate those thick women looking like my granny.

  1. Pele o Aloba. Poverty is a disease brother. If you had focus on your blogging and stop being focus, perhaps you would become a billionaire like Linda and wouldn't have Ayo be kissing all these Hoes for a peanut

  2. OMG!!! Sayaveth ceo Ehizogie husband just bought her other wife a Rolls Royce. Read it in Stella blog. I heard honeymoon is also over beteeen the man and Ehi

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