Dr Bukola Saraki and the twins

Given the battles for survival that he has had to fight all of these 3 years, you can’t but allow him his time to gloat! And gloating, he seems to be doing at every given opportunity now. No matter who you are and whether or not you are his fan, you must just commend him for being a deft politician.

From the High Court, to the Appeal court and then to the Surpreme Court which is the highest court in the land, don’t forget that in-between he also had to face the Code of Conduct too, where a sitting number 3 even had to sit at the Dock to explain himself! In all of them, he won against them all. For those alone, one cannot imagine the hundreds of millions that must have gone down the drain!

All those years that the battle was raging and raging, throwing tantrums, he had to be very careful not to talk too much, and  he also had to constantly be alert, on the watch, on his toes, because he didn’t know particularly where the next wave of attack could spring from. Truth be told, whoever were those in his think tank team, they need to be very well commended and well compensated for being up to the task all through. They must have come highly recommended and they surely lived up to their billings. If he can, he must commend them for the rest of his life. They were truly extraordinary, especially at anticipating the moves of their principal’s (SARAKI’S) adversaries, that’s even before they the adversaries could think up what that next move would or could be, they had already prepared the way out for all or any eventualities. If nothing at all, they must be masters at playing chess, with the abilities to predict as much as the next 8 moves ahead, kudos to them. Without mincing words, they are no doubt a very solid, totally resourceful team.

Also to be commended would be those unseen, but quite formidable powers behind the Senate President, by that we mean his ‘prayer team’. Those ones in possession of exceptional esoteric abilities, with the vaunted gifts of seeing limitedly into the immediate future. Mennnnnn, those people, whoever they are and wherever they are too, must be on fire!!!! Not many can weather the kind of storm of the last 3 years and can still come out of it all unscathed. Just imagine that in all of the shenanigans, he has accualy come out of it all looking like an innocent victim, in fact as the oppressed weakling. Wow!

So all through the battles, he dug deep, he had to be careful as he wasn’t too sure where the pendulum could swing at times. He kept his aces to himself and his very close knit team, away from scrutinising/prying eyes. In fact also formulating his own  ingenious plans of actions in anticipation, ready to counter wherever and when necessary, whilst also ready to spring the many surprises (jokers) in his box that could turn the tide positive for him and negative for his perceived adversaries whenever necessary and in the process actually turning the hunter to the hunted! In fact sometimes actually using the art of deliberate misdirection to his most utmost advantage, sending his enemies on fool’s errands and making the other side look stupid most often.

So far, so good, is all we can say for now and that’s very glaring! And the obvious elation and sigh of relief can be perceived and seen all over them. By that we mean Dr Bukola Saraki and his family. Even his family, represented by the very adorable wife, who normally is very, very quiet, especially about anything that has to do with politics and issues related to it, has not been left out of the very public exhalation, since after they won their case at the Surpreme Court!

In the last few weeks, Mrs. Toyin Saraki has been releasing loads of very smart, not confrontational at all and very subliminal messages on her social media handle that says a whole lot about the family’s current state of mind. It’s so very obvious that first, the relief has been palpable and then by extension, the joy of the victory at the hand has been immense. Though the family would claim that the very latest exclamation of joy has to do with the family’ s twin daughters gaining admission to an ivy league school abroad, those in the know, actually know too well that it’s more of an all encompassing thing! Far more than the celebration of admissions into a school.

Everything seems so good now, in fact the feel good effect or factor has been extraordinary and it has extended to so much confidence, so much so to the extent that many are of the opinion that if Dr. Bukola Saraki should venture to run for election come next year, 2019, he could or would be the next Nigerian president without a whimper. Though we are not too sure about that for now, for the man of the moment is still going about right now doing consultations to see if those seen as the stakeholders would give their support for his candidacy for President come 2019.

What’s quote obvious though is that baring any future unpalatable circumstances, he would surely stick out his neck for the race to become Nigeria’s numero uno, and if the prophecy or prediction of Primate Ayodele Elijah of Inri Evangelical Ministry, who claims to have heard from God on his candidacy is anything to go by, then we might already have a new President in waiting then! 

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  1. This man Saraki is not worthy of being in any position. He started his corruption from Societe Generale bank till now. Even his own sister and family members are against him. He thinks he is a God. Corrupt and arrogant spoilt child. Only in Nigeria will someone continue to be in power like it is his/her entitlement

    1. Lemme tap into the curse then, beautiful kids aceing their academic pursuits, the father defeating his enemies plots one by one, it's gotta be anointing by God

    2. Devil too has his short term "blessings" so yes continue tapping. When payback time comes, you will use your head to carry it as well. Keep on tapping.

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