Sequel to the threat of demolition given to the Music House where the Ibadan based Radio station-Fresh FM owned by top musician Yinka Ayefele is located, by the Oyo State Government, the state Government today, Sunday, August 19, 2018 have made good their threat to the shock, disbelief and chagrin of all.

Many had thought that with the public outcry that had followed the letter of threat and with the cry made by the owner that he had gotten the right approvals, that an amicable solution could have been worked out. But alas! That didn’t happen, only for onlookers and staff members of the station to watch in utter shock and total disbelief as bulldozers arrived following the orders of government to do their job.

Famous musician and owner of the property, said to be worth a whooping 800 million Naira, YINKA AYEFELE watched in perplexity at the building he had invested a great deal of money in, that had been demolished. Many eyewitnesses (onlookers) also gathered at the Challenge Ibadan Area, where the building named “Music House” is located, to watch in shock and absolute incredulity as the demolition went on.

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Yinka Ayefele

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  1. This corrupt dirty man have no regard for no one. All his children are spoilt rotten being wasteful all over the over with no source of business that generates money to cover their ridiculous lifestyles. And here is their senseless father going after those students first and now the poor helpless man. His daughter Abisola wasted millions of corrupt money all over the world trying to be with the Jones. God is coming for him and his vain family

  2. Enter your comment…Ajimobi is so wicked and heartless.owing civil servants is not enough for demolishing what this man has built for years.very useless man.


  3. Most you cursing Ajimobi are the reason why Nigeria will ever move forward. We have allowed sentiment to becloud our sense of judgement

  4. @3.43.
    How are we the reasons why Nigeria is not moving forward, please tell us.
    How have we allowed sentiment to cloud or sense of judgement or even reason, please educate us.
    Ajimobi's Commissioner said the land was approved as an office outlet, he said Ayefele got the necessary papers but he turned it into a radio station. Is a radio station not an office that is suppose to make profit? What is the definition of an office, I will like to know?
    This is a clear case of political friendship gone sour, a vendetta!
    I hope he is compensated.
    Mr Ayefele, may God replenish your loss.
    It is well with Nigeria.

  5. Anon 3.43. Sit your stinking ass down. Are you for real? Is not about sentiment but about doing right by the poor guy that works so hard unlike his Jobless wasteful children l. FYI I live in diaspora and I know about Eminent Domain ( power of a state, provincial, or national government to take private property for public use.)(1) . But did he do it for govtbor for his own personal gain? That is Ajimobi using the land for road? (2). Did. he make a good offer to Ayefele?

    1. In diaspora that you claim to live if you build illegally under Electric cable and on the setback of a road thereby causing a narrowing of the road at that point and your diaspora Govt decide to pull such illegal structure down for greater goo, will your so called diaspora Govt pay you compensation for committing illegality?
      Compensation is only applicable if the right thing was done sbintio

    2. @Baba cool no mind the "I live in diaspora anon" most of them are just ranting, they no nothing about the case.

    3. @Baba cool no mind the "I live in diaspora anon" most of them are just ranting, they no nothing about the case.

    4. At Baba and the Mumu Anon 4.16pm
      You are both very stupid and ignorant lIn the first place, you need a permit to build a house and if the govt gives you a permit and you built a house, if for any reason the structure needs to be demolished, you will be awarded by what is called Eminent Domain. Unlike in Nigeria that govt do what pleases them with no consequence.

    5. There is nothing like building illegally. You have to go through a process and you need a building permit in order to building. Unlike a screwed up country like Nigeria that gives someone all the paper work to build a structure on a land. BTW, Ajjimobi was at the Station years ago to compaign. I dislike him since that day that he spoke to those students rudely. Wish he can train his own kids

  6. Did he build on govt land or not ..are his papers legitimate or forged?? let ask intelligent questions please..before becoming hysterical

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