On Ambode’s Stunted Re-election…By Olaleye Olawale

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Akinwunmi Ambode 

I’m not an Akinwunmi Ambode person, and that is public knowledge. But it will be utterly unfair for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to force him to a primary, when the practice has always been that governors of the party are given the right of first refusal across the nation. The choice of direct primary is clearly designed to humiliate him, because even governors, who failed to win their second term election didn’t have to struggle for their tickets in the party.

I can’t comprehend the logic behind it except that it is a grossly dishonest choice, informed by sheer political greed. The same Tinubu who allegedly asked some prospective aspirants to a particular senatorial seat in the state to back off, because the present occupant deserves the right of first refusal? And a few weeks to the primary, a Lagos governor does not know his fate? Haba!

Now, the leader will hide under the facade of following party’s decision to teach the governor some lessons, because, like it or not, it is who they allow to vote that would vote and the outcome is inevitably guided. Watch out for the guidelines soon. You will be stunned!

Pray Ambode does not make it at the primary otherwise, we will be here to analyse the consequences, going forward. Recall I said recently that the process is the only thing that has changed as far as direct primary is concerned, albeit in name. The result will always be at the behest of the leader. The message is one: ‘Baba so pe’ and the followers will go in one straight line. Just another “ziggy” in the offing!

Perhaps, Ambode too would have learnt a lesson or two, both in human relations and political strategy. He set the tone for the corner he is boxed today from the word go. His vindictive disposition and needless disregard for the political class except Tinubu might have come to haunt him.

Anyway, welcome to Lagos, Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city, where the educated have been hypnotised into political zombies by one man.

Olaleye Olawale writes for ThisDay Newspaper.

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