All black everything.. . 
The exceptional lady in red… 

The long-legged bombshell.. 

The sea goddess in contemplation 

Natural born stunner…. 

Flawless skin nymph

Cover Girl Bombshell 

Undoubtedly Munachi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo, “Munachi Abii” for short is one of the most beautiful eligible bachelorettes in town and in fact, if we are not off the track, she is probably one of the most gorgeous Nigerian natural beauty of all times. A few of the pictures above with the most minimal of make up should convince you that we are  totally right, especially pictures 4 & 5, a natural born stunner, by all standards!

The ex-beauty queen, now rapper (that’s what she does professionally) and entertainer is still, drop dead gorgeous and a stunner par excellence, even 11 years (that’s more than a decade) after she relinquished the crown as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2007 (MBGN 2007). A competition she won while still a 2nd year student of International Relations and Diplomacy at the “Benson Idahosa University.  We are still looking forward to the day, she would be nominated as our ambassador to one of those foreign countries, where she would dazzle them endlessly with her oomph! We are of the opinion that like a fine wine left in its cask over a period of time to mature appropriately, she has come out now much better, looking far more beautiful and more rounded than even 11 years ago

In the years after her sudden emergence on the scene and in the limelight as a beauty queen, the Port Harcourt born, Imo State native has grown more outstandingly “voluptuous and curvaceous”, possessing that sort of curve, that could make a monk denounce his sworn devotion or even a devoted father in an abbey to denounce a sworn oath of celibacy!

Though her music career has not enjoyed that fire, not gotten the jump start and not blossomed as splendidly as was expected, the 31 year old, (she would be that age on November 5, 2018, having been born on that date in 1987), still has years ahead of her to make the kind of impact and impression, she’s been hoping, praying and working so very hard to make and get.

Is marriage on the card sometime very soon? We don’t know yet, but we are too sure she must be getting loads and loads of invitations & proposals towards that, but even if not, must marriage be the it all to define a lady, a beautiful one at that as a success? 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Enter your comment…Egbon Aloba you can hype person sha.but the babe get breast oo.she is pretty though.


  2. Anon 7.08 pm Iwonder o. It is a big possibility because Aloba rarely keep quite about such news. Guess Aloba has sold out for Linda's money

  3. She seems to be gradually making her way into nollywood. Her first few movies were awful but more recent ones are better.

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