Yvonne Nwosu is the not so shy Creative Director of her own eponymous fashion brand VONNE couture, the brand that opened the flood gate at the resurgent Arise Fashion Week 2018 a few months back.

The celebrity designer and fashionista par excellence is very well known for her quite quirky in your face style, which normally always always sets tongues wagging in excitement. She has a way about doing good combos and taking great pictures at the same time too.

The French speaking and statuesque mother of one, is a year older today 08/08/18 and to mark the beautiful day, the unrepentant and proud lioness is roaring very loudly with excitement with a few of her good friends all having a super swell time as we speak in far way idyllic Turkey. The choice of Istanbul Turkey as the ideal spot to celebrate, is obviously well thought out. For those who do not know, Istanbul Turkey is the middle point between Europe and Asia, while it is a fantastic place for business people who do not want to go as far as China, it is also a very, quite exotic at that, holiday spot too. In fact the 2 very distinct cultures of Europe and Asia meet inside the state, so it’s like having the best of both worlds in just one place.

We guess from the above very fun and happy pictures it’s been fun galore all day.

Congratulations to VONNE of life. Long may you live! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Aloba sha want make we talk ?Carry yansh for Queen mother of runs girls.awon eleyi from 1880 been round the block that body has more mileage than yellow 14 passengers doing Lagos to Ibadan

    1. Faints! To think she had her breasts done a few years ago in the UAE. She needs them re-done or she should ask for a refund.

  2. Doing Runs is a family business. Even her brother does runs. Hitting on older women for money n sponsoring. Smh.

  3. What an ignorant comment about her breast. She’s a mother and has a child. How should her breast be after having breastfed her child.

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