To liven up your week in a very beautiful way, to give the new week the kick start, that sass it absolutely deserves, we have thought to focus our attention on someone that would make your day and lighten up your path and she’s none other than the uncompromisingly stylish, super bodacious, scrumptiously sexy and high-flying, badass MD/CEO of “Diamond Ink Events Ltd”, the Event Room and Maggiesfleurbox, the incomparable “Margaret Adenike Balogun”, FDI aka Nikky Bizzle.

For many that might not know her or her brand, Denike’s brand is one of the most sought after events company in Lagos today and in the last few years of the brand’s existence, they have handled and hosted some of the most slamming, most exclusive, 1st class (niche) events (private and public), parties and occasions what have you.

A few of the names or better still personalities she’s packaged or handled events for, are the likes of Africa’s wealthiest man Aliko Dangote, super wealthy businessman Musa Danjuma and the don of nightlife in Nigeria himself, soon to become Honourable Shina Peller, just to mention a few. Come 2 weeks time, on August 20 and 21, 2018 to be more precise, her brand-Diamond Ink Events Ltd is set to play host in Lagos, Nigeria, to one of the biggest names in events design in the world, who is also a renowned florist by name Gideon Hermosa, to a day 2 days masterclass for those in the Event industry.

The one of a kind event is tagged Hermosa in Lagos, “Lush, Luxe & Love Inspired.

Denike aka Nikky Bizzle, is one of the most stylish ladies we have ever encountered in recent times. Not one that is shy at all when it comes to colours or her abundant sexiness, the bolder the colour, the ease with which she would adorn it with oomph and sauce dripping endlessly. Denike is one of those ladies, specially blessed by nature with that kind of bodacious body, that time and attention was spent on, and because she also knows very very well what she has and is also very confident and sure in her skin, she being a LEO, who loves getting the attention and good nod, she always makes sure to wear those things that accentuates her blessings to the high heavens.

Ever current with the trends and also much at home in the classics, she’s also well gifted with the grace and ability to combine very well. She’s at home either in native attires or otherwise or even either in casuals or very high end, sophisticated ensembles.

She’s an avid traveller who loves to discover the newest most exotic destinations, a foodie of note, an unrepentant fashionista, who is extremely passionate about her business, which aims to host some of the most fantastic events across the globe if possible. Meet again M. A. B, Margaret Adenike Balogun. Happy birthday to the lioness too!

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    1. Bimms asooke too has terrible customer service. Even the older brands with better designs have good customer relations.

  1. Aliko Dangote’s Lagos based play thing , she needs to humble herself sha because Aliko will move on to new pastures as he always does

    1. @Anon, I honestly do not get it with ladies lately. If a man likes me, why do I have to sneak and hide whenever we are hooking up, why won’t he want to be free and let the world see us together? We can’t go on proper dates? I can’t save his number on my phone with his real name? He calls the shots and I have to oblige! It means I am just an instrument to him. Biko no mata the luxuries and money he wants to shower on me, I can’t stoop so low to used by these old men. It’s very degrading. I would rather work hard, earn a living, be independent and hold my shoulders up high until I find a respectful, God fearing man that will treat me right. Amen! Lord I pray to you now and always.

  2. Which event planning? Is all Front as her RUNS is the big deal reason why she posted her pictures. Event planning my foot

  3. Too many bitter people leaving comments, things you know nothing of and lying in the process. You don’t have to like her but she works mighty hard.!! Ask the Hennessy & Ledrope (Remy Martin, Jack Daniel ) Nikki handles all their official events… and yes she did get a nasty review from the footballer’s wife and she put out a public apology and now someone within the thread is talking as if it’s a constant regarding bad reviews. We have a long way to go in this country because most of you here don’t believe other women can have legitimate hustles and actually make money from it. It always has to be one right ch man funding it…. sad

    1. Welcome on board Denike.
      I personally don't believe you're Dangote's side chick. He doesn't do rude and I'll mannered women. You made money from his party, simple.
      The footballer's wife spoke out, others didn't stress to speak out.
      Improve your manners, so you can go a long way. Add better manners to your so called hussle.

  4. Gbogbo Bigz Girlz – oh dear at he doesn't do rude and ill mannered women.
    But he does, just that he does not stay with them for long.

    We women are our own enemies – that statement holds no water.
    One side of the coin is if a woman sleeps with married men, do you want their wives to like that woman? Of course not, she will become their enemy.
    On the flip side, most of the people who support Chimamanda Adichie are women.

    Please treat all customers alike. It doesn't matter if they are Hennessy & Ledrope (Remy Martin, Jack Daniel ) or Mrs Emenike or someone else who has the money to pay for your services. Emenike's wife is not one to moan but for her to have called you out meant you were really nasty to her on her special day. Did you just say you put out a public apology? If what I read was an apology then it was very watery. A non-apology. Keep working hard and try to perfect your customer service.

  5. MM has woken up from slumber.

    Today is your friend Bunmi Olatunji's birthday, thought she'll celebrate it inside palace. You know ???

    How're you all Fan, GBG, Aproko, ITK, love charms and anons?

    1. @MBG you too like gist! Haha, thought she’s no more mingling with the Palace people? We know she can’t be with him alone. He can’t be the sole sponsor of that lifestyle

    2. Am fine Mama BG. Trust you're doing well.

      Some people will be back to monitoring this blog for their names now that we're all back. Hahahaha

  6. @Gbogbo Bigz Girlz
    If she was rude and ill-mannered and her events were nice, I wouldn't have a problem.
    But her events are tacky AF!Is she not the one who planned that wedding with strippers? Shiiiiiioorr! Always garish with strange things hanging from the ceiling. With dry, crusty, fake looking flowers. And they wonder why rich people fly abroad for destination weddings.A poor man's version of Lebanese weddings. Nigerian events in general-even those planned by the so called top wedding planners-tend to be a hot mess; over the top and badly coordinated. Even the so called multi million dollar Dangote wedding was so OTT. A clear case of money cannot buy class

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