Dewunmi Ogunsanya, SAN 

There is Aliko Dangote, rated as the wealthiest African on earth bar none now for several years running, and then there is Otunba Dr. Mike Agbolade Adenuga Jnr, Folorunsho Alakija, the only female yet now, that can sit pretty without shaking in this league of extraordinary gentlemen and lady, that also has as members the likes of Femi Otedola, Sayuu Dantata, AbdulSamad Isiyaku Rabiu, Tony Elumelu, Jim Ovia and many more like them.

One major thing that’s the common denominator about all the names mentioned and their ilks is that they control such stupendous and extraordinary wealth that can blow the minds of many to smithereens. In fact, so rich are they that, they are richer than many African countries and many other non African countries combined together.

Most of those mentioned, including many others not mentioned are those that can be referred to and tagged as the “men and woman of timber and caliber”. The true movers and shakers of the society. They are the actual colossi or better still juggernauts of our time and in our clime.

Imagine that for one of the men, he receives at least 3 billion cool money every month from his investments without a whimper and what that translates to is at least a guaranteed 36 billion annually comes in. At just a half century old, he is already in seni-retirement and just consolidating now. That’s for someone who only a few years back nearly went bankrupt and even flirted with thoughts of suicide! But he has since bounced back much better, richer (wealthier) and far smarter.

Woman of substance, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija stands alone, far alone as the only woman in the upper Liga of the filthy rich (filthy here is not talking about dirt). In fact, she is a woman of many firsts. The first Nigerian woman to be rated by Forbes as a certified/authentic billionaire, not a paper or imaginary one. She has been rated as one of the 4 wealthiest black women on earth the past several years now and no known Nigerian woman/women is/are near her yet. Not a small feat, if we may say that.

Though, many of these people are very well known by virtue of their immense and earth shaking wealth and have been spoken about like in folklores, one name that has quietly crept up the ladder, without many necessarily knowing and that would stand side by side like a rock, with a few of these men of means without flinching, but that has remained very quiet and deliberately so at that, is none other than our subject matter, Mr. Adewunni Adedeji Ogunsanya.

The man DEWUNMI OGUNSANYA, is the chairman of Multichoice Nigeria Limited, that entertainment powerhouse worth several billions, who are the promoters of the only Cable TV network in Nigeria DSTV-mnet, Africa Magic, GoTv.

The graduate of law, from the prestigious University of Kent in Canterbury UK in 1984, has come a long way from the days of being just an ordinary barrister-at-law to being a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a very filthy rich investor today. That’s 34 years of solid practise.

According to our findings, if our intel is as accurate and on target as it should be, this lawyer par excellence and one with a major presence wherever he appears, is probably the 2nd largest property owner in Banana Island, that haven of the stupendously rich, where they call their home or abode. Banana Island is where lands, without any structure on it go for as little as a billion Naira! Part of the way to gauge whether a man is actually wealthy, rich or just forming in Nigeria is where they own their home. Do not forget that he not too long ago added a luxurious high rise apartment building on Bourdillon, Ikoyi to his already quite impressive property portfolio.

To get the passmark and the nod of approval, you either have your home in old Ikoyi or even to a certain extent Ikeja GRA, but in actual fact more of old Ikoyi. Dewunmi’s statement home in Old Ikoyi, (Queen’s Drive to be more precise) when we say statement home, we mean it to the very letter, is actually worth a few billions of Naira. Imagine that 2 buildings in adjacent compounds were collapsed to build a single one in an expansive and quite impressive and expensive compound. The value of that property alone without the structure on it alone is worth a few billions, not to now talk of the structure itself, which is a stupendously gorgeous, super smart home with all the works. We can tell you for free that there are homes in Nigeria, that would dazzle all comers from the around the world. Dewunni’s impressive home is as top notch as they come and that’s in an elite neighbourhood where other buildings can cause heart palpitations!

Let’s also now mention another one of the investments of Barrister DEWUNMI Ogunsanya, SAN. From what we found out, Mr. Ogunsanya, is a Non-executive Director of Heritage Bank Plc, and is probably the single largest shareholder of that financial institution, that was founded in 1989 and with about 160 plus branches and with a total asset as at 2015 of $1.7 billion dollars. We hear that his investment in HB is colossal, so much so that to divest wouldn’t do the bank any good.

One of Mr. Ogunsanya’s most fantastic and smartest ever investment though is Multichoice Nigeria Ltd, they are like we already said the promoters of Nigeria’s only cable TV network. With subscribers in the hundreds of thousands and no visible rival or competition in the horizon, it’s like owning and living inside the mint. So just imagine what comes in from that investment alone!

So a big salute to a man who saw a good opportunity and invested and has succeeded fantastically. The man DEWUNMI OGUNSANYA! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. A stand out example of how to be an astute investor, a decorous gentleman, a dedicated family man, and yet not get carried away on account of his very comfortable circumstances.
    Truly worthy of emulation.

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