Adebola and Temidayo

Showing off her rock! 
Mo Abudu

Tick-tock, Tick-tock says the clock as the faint sounds of wedding balls are quietly ringing and jingling somewhere in the horizon. The clouds of merriment are gradually coming together to prepare to show off their beauties. And the jingling and continuous sonorous clanging of the bells would be getting louder and louder as the day goes by towards the D-day, yet to be chosen or better still yet to be announced.

What’s coming up? It’s none other than the wedding party of Temidayo, the daughter of the dame of TV in Nigeria, that’s the one and only Mo ABUDU, the founder of Ebony LifeTV.

Love was in the air just yesterday, when Mo’s daughter who works at her mom’s company got engaged to her beau by name Adebola and the super elated and doting mama was so happy to let the world know what had just happened when she exclaimed joyfully-

“Good evening beautiful people, I have the best news to share ever??????, my darling daughter Temidayo got engaged today to the love of her life Adebola. I couldn’t be happier??. So proud of them both and the love they share. I pray God keeps them both in good health and may God’s light continue to shine on them both ????. I am now officially the “mother of the bride to be” ?❤?. Work now begins on planning #therealweddingparty??????. Lord I praise you. Lord I thank you. ??????”

Temidayo herself had elatedly exclaimed about her engagement, when she posted –

” My heart! “Think I may need goggles” I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. “

Congratulations to them! 

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    1. @ Anon 6.17 PM And what are you? Was she wrong talking about Madam Pimp sponsors or what? @ Gbogbo Bigz Pls disregarded Anon.6.17PM. She is clueless

    2. @LOL. I laughed before writing the thank you. You know I've stepped on toes here so they always "bark" at me at any given opportunity.

  1. Forget about Mo Abudiu and her daughter ring. Do your job as a journa/blogger and let us know who isLinda Ikeji's baby daddy. Or has she bribed all of you that no one is telling us who her baby daddy is? Aloba please bring us the tea about Linda Ikeji after all if the table is turned,she would have given us the tea about the persons baby daddy

    1. Anon 3.21 I agree and wonder why the mainstream and bloggers hasn't said anything about Linda baby daddy. Maybe she has not only bribed them since she has a lot of money but must have sworn them into secrecy when they got paid by her

  2. Aloba and Linda are pals and he won't do it. The other person who can do it and who knows who he is, is Stella. She won't because she banned herself from discussing Linda on her blog.

    1. At Fan. Which pals??? Linda dropped Aloba ass since yesterday and I wonder if she picks up his phone. She has moved on to big people i.e kings and Queens according to her. She has no time for little people like Aloba. Not hating Linda but with the way and manner she acts to people from her past, wonder how long before God humbles her. Nothing in life last longer and money is one of them too

  3. Baba Ijesha, I was expecting you to break the news of Halima Fernandez remarriage. It's not easy to be sex starved in marriage….

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