Dr Abiola Bashorun 

Kaduna and a few other states in Nigeria have never had it this good and great in terms of waste disposal management until ZL Global Alliance Nigeria Ltd, a brand that is the brain child of Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her partners emerged on the scene, like a long awaited saviour.

Dr. Abiola Bashorun is one of those super well trained Nigerian, having the best of life abroad, doing very well in her vocation, in fact becoming onr of the best at it, until she felt she felt the bug and felt she could contribute her own quota to the development of her country Nigeria, after many years of living abroad.  Maybe she is one of those who believes that no matter how big you are abroad, it is nothing compared to you being at home, serving in one way or the other.

With good experience spanning financial management at some of the best brands/companies around the world, from the UAE to the US, it is quite obvious that she has the expertise to run a global brand that could make its mark anywhere she establishes that brand, especially in Nigeria in only a short period of time.

So in bringing her experiences to bear at home, she started first on a small scale just to feel the pulse first, by first managing wastes in Lagos with just a few trucks in collaboration with the Government of Lagos then, who had wanted partners to help with keeping Lagos and environs squeaky clean.

From that little acorn has now grown to be a formidable oak tree, with growing branches that has since become and growing more and more every day to become a reference point when it comes to waste management in Nigeria. What people never knew then at the beginning was that, the formidable lady who loves her work to speak for her, was that she had always had her blueprint from the get go, which she kept to her heart, only executing same according to the time frame she had planned from the start too.

Imagine that ZL Global Alliance Ltd under the able leadership of the very hardworking and innovative lady is the one in charge of waste management disposal  in all ramifications in the whole of Kaduna State, where the action packed Governor Nazir El Rufai is the State’s Chief Executive.

From our findings, we hear that it has been sweet stories since ZL  came on board many many months back, even though that at a point, an influential personality in Government out of selfish reasons, had wanted to truncate the excellent relationship between ZL & the Government by taking on what they didn’t have the expertise to do and had wanted to act as a saboteur. Thank God the brand’s good will and history spoke well of her. In only a week or 2 that they had tried to place clogs in the wheel of the brand’s progress, the whole of Kaduna immediately felt the impact, as it was like wastes from hell enveloped everywhere and the government had to quickly retrace their steps.

What ZL Global Alliance has been able to attribute her progress to in Kaduna has been the perfect blend of well trained manpower, who are continually trained on how best to do their work and the use of technology and good equipments to make their work standout for all to see. The brand are experts in all areas of waste management. From disposal to turning wastes to wealth etc.

For the Government of Kaduna state under the able leadership of the man known as the pint sized dynamite and ZL Global Alliance Ltd, it has been a most fantastic partnership, which other Governments of states in Nigeria must take example from. One of those states that has thought to replicate the Kaduna example is Ondo State, under the leadership of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, where ZL Global Alliance Ltd has also gone in to unfold their expertise in that state too and to preach the gospel of clean and very healthy environment.

The same innovations that the brand had brought to bear and that has yielded great and excellent results and fruits from, are what the brand has also unleashed in Ondo state and its already yielding wonderful reports already too.

From our findings, we hear that many states and other brands at that are also in discussions with Dr. Abiola Bashorun and her brand, ZL Global Alliance to see how they can work together. It’s not just about working with governments, but they can also package things also for private entities too.

So far though, it has been awards and commendations galore for the brand from everywhere and we really commend them for a good job(s) well done.

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  1. Check your archives..her congratulatory messages on the media was quite overwhelming…this smacks of jeaulousy abeg…she deserves some accolades

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