The Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Waziri Garin of Ilorin, has shown again the deftness via which he was able to overcome all the shenanigans that was packaged against him all of the past 3 years, by outwitting the blockade set up against him at his residence today by reaching the National Assembly complex to sit and preside over the day’s proceedings.

The security agencies comprising of the police and other security apparatik, bungled again like they normally do what was supposed to be their routine agenda for the day, which may have been to keep the Senate President under house arrest at all cost, Maybe because of what they must have heard was planning to take place today, the defection of many Senators from the APC to the PDP.

But the 3rd man of this administration, who is gradually fitting into the personae of the “skilled artful dodger” of that hilarious character in that well known novel Oliver Twist, like the great Houduni well reknowned for his escape art and act, the Waziri Garin of Ilorin just a few hours ago outsmarted all arrayed against him again and arrived gallantly at the National Assembly like a warrior who had escaped an ambush.

According to unconfirmed sources, the Senate President had had an inkling of the plans that awaited him in the morning of today, since yesterday, so he had perfected how he would first evade the plans set for him, while also embarrassing those set to ambush him in the first instance. Part of the plan was to use a decoy that would be seen by all, as the bungling security group set to ambush him would be flexing their might, while he would have effortlessly reached the assembly already.

The aftermath of his manoeuvre was that as soon as he arrived at the Assembly, 15 former members of his APC, led by Alh. Rabiu Kwankwanso, Dino Melaye all defected to the opposition party the PDP. The 15 that defected were Dino Melaye
Barnabas Gemade
Ibrahim Danbaba
Shaaba Lafiaji
Mohammed Shitu
Rafiu Ibrahim
Suleiman Hunkuyi
Isa Misau
Monsurat Sunmonu
Soji Akanbi
Usman Nafada
Musa Kwankwaso
Suleiman Nazif
Lanre Tejuosho. And just as soon as the defection masterstroke was achieved, the Senate President immediately adjoined all other proceedings till September 2018, effectively shutting down any moves by the APC to counter the move till that latter date. Also following what the upper house did, the lower house also perfected its own Defection, with 37 members in all shifting base to another party, mainly the PDP though.

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  1. All dead beats anyways, who can never win an election in their constituency again. But why grandpa Gemade? A whole ex PDP chairman, still playing pussycat games. Shameless lot. I’m so tired of this country

  2. Yes they just want to fleece the country dry. Gemade probably wants Senate President. What a gang

  3. What's going on ????? God, please put a man who has the interest of the people and not himself! Nothing works in Nigeria anymore except the people!

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