Ehizogie Bramor the Sayaveth interior brand owner had a humonguos wedding just about a year ago, 9 months ago to be more precise. So massive was the wedding that 2 brand new Toyota Camry cars were gift wrapped for 2 lucky guests at the wedding. The ceremony was covered by the media and splashed all over the social media too and it enjoyed enormous audience, majorly because Ehi herself enjoys the attention and she splashes every exciting thing about herself on Instagram for all to see and salivate on.

Madam dropped her new bambino, a gorgeous baby girl at that, only a few weeks back, a super happy occasion we believe that was, making the new baby her 3rd child, 1st one as the 3rd wife of Sir Kenneth BRAMOR though, who is the impressive Warri oil and gas multimillionaire.

Now the unconfirmed gist sifting in and trying to gain some ascendancy, and that some people are so very eager to sell at all cost is that, that marriage of only just 9 months, a relationship that began in 2015 which was celebrated with so much pomp, might have crashed or hit the rock! What????? If that be true, it would have meant that even this 2nd missionary journey too, like the 1st that produced 2 adorable kids has followed the same path. It would also mean that, maybe people should just avoid all the unnecessary fanfare of society nuptials and just have a quiet thing, devoid of all unnecessary attention, so that if situations like this come at all, not that one prays for that, it’s just off the radar and not embarrassing at all.

We haven’t yet fully believed the unconfirmed gist though, reason being that we know that Ehi being a social media sensation, who is quite savvy with the online shenanigans herself, who doesn’t necessarily care how people take her views, would have put such info on the social media by herself if it were so already.

So over to you Ehi, is everything intact or has it gone south? 

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  1. You lose him same way you got him. Guess her Mama jazz has cleared up the guy's eye. Cannot believe they made so much noise about the wedding like the guy doesn't have other wives. Good riddance

  2. Enter your comment…hmmmm there is fire on the mountain.no smoke with out fire oo.but it would be big embarrassment if the marriage don crash oo.with all the money when dem spend.


    1. Ehi was the one desperate for wedding and not marriage. She was pregnant and when the guy asked her what she wanted to do with the pregnancy, she asked for a wedding and. Ever wanted the marriage part. Just to make.noise and show off. She likes money and her money is all about Jazz. A Runs girl will always be one irrespective of whom she married

  3. Mr Aloba it is well with you, your health, business and family! God will arrest the people who don’t want this blog to be great. Oluwa a ba wa ba esu wi !

    1. More like Oluwa a ba wa ba Aloba wi… ohun lo n se ara e. But he's our Aloba and we're used to his ways… at least it didn't take him 2 years this time… it is well with you Aloba. Welcome back

  4. It crashed long ago.. father yet to see daughter.. he is willing to let go everything he gave her,he lost interest .. What was she thinking marrying him, Cox she wanted the marriage after getting pregnant.

    1. At Anon 3.21 You are not far from the truth. Yes she forced the marriage on the guy after she found out about the unplanned pregnancy. The guy is a big time Mafia and he couldn't be bothered. about Ehi's shenanigans and her mother's voodoo. The guy will never be faithful of stay with Ehi even with her mother's jazz. Her mother can do jazz from her to the end of the world and both their love for money will be their destroyer.

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