The Tinubu dynasty continues to extend its tentacles more and more daily as his alleged cousin, GBOYEGA ISIAKA OYETOLA, who is the Chief of Staff to the Governor of the State of OSUN, in the person of his excellency Ogbeni (Mr) Rauf Aregbesola has emerged as the aspirant to represent the APC at the coming Gubernatorial election slated for Saturday, September 22, 2018 in the state.

Candidate Alhaji Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola, totally steam rolled all others via the 1st ever instance of the direct primary method, instead of the delegates voting method that was formerly used to pick candidates. The direct primary actually allows for all card carrying members of the party to be involved in the choice of picking a candidate of their choice.

Being the Chief of Staff to the outgoing Governor for all of 8 years, since 2010 and being a relation of the National Leader of the APC, in the person of the Great Asiwaju, who is also the Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, many felt he was the favored and preferred choice and candidate to emerge.

At the primary proper, Oyetola swept all comers in what could be tagged a landslide considering the number of votes he got against the combined total of those he contested against. Oyetola polled 127, 017 votes, with the nearest to him being Prof. Yusuf Lasun, the current Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of representatives who polled 21,975 votes, while the one who came third is the current Speaker of the Osun House of Assembly, in the person of Najeem Salam who polled only 17,958 votes.

Prior to the actual primary, about 3 of those who had wanted to contest the primary had withdrawn. One of those who withdrew citing irregularities and manipulation was Moshood Adeoti, the current SSG (Secretary to the State Government). Another person that withdrew just before the primary was Senator Babajide Omoworare, who represents Osun East Federal Constituency at the National Assembly. Senator Omoworare cited party unity and cohesion as his reason for withdrawing. The other person out of the 17 that had wanted to initially contest the primary but he later withdrew was Peter Babalola, who is the chairman of the State Civil Service Commission.

With the emergence of Alhaji Oyetola, it means he would be contesting against Senator Iyiola OMISORE of the SDP, who incidentally was a former Deputy Governor of the state and also against the aspirant to represent the PDP too. All things being equal, September 22, 2018 would most definitely be a battle royal. 

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