Fine boy Group MD/CeO of UBA Plc, Kennedy UZOKA 

Kennedy and Lotanna Uzoka

If a man works very hard, especially if he excels very well at what he does with panache and effortless ease and the people around, both near and far can see the results of the hardwork and sleepless nights, then he is most assuredly allowed some excesses of life, especially if that person can afford those little pleasures of life that separates the minions, the ordinary from the Duke of the Manor.

So like it is said all hard work and no commensurate play makes Jack, in this case Kennedy Uzoka, the Group/MD CeO of UBA Plc one of Africa’s premier banking institutions, a dull boy.

So in order not to be a dull boy, the man known as a consummate banker of many years of repute, Kennedy Uzoka works hard and therefore also indulges himself also very well in what he loves so much–in that he collects extraordinary machines on wheels or better still some of the best cars that money can afford. And according to our findings, his garage is littered with these humongous wonders on wheels that many tag as luxury cars, that would make many do a triple take not even a double take for their sheer opulence!

Name any of those cars worth their salt or value–Mercedes G Wagon and other makes of the brand, Rolls Royce etc and its most likely already beautifying the humongous garage of this quiet and super hardworking banker, sitting pretty like many super impressive chariots of fire.

K.U’s garage is said to be so intimidating that many even mistake him for a automobile dealer of the super 1st class type.

The Group CEO/MD of UBA Plc, Africa’s premier banking institution has come a long way from his days at Uniben many years back, where he bagged a BSc degree, before going on later to bag his MBA, finance from the famous University of Lagos. He has been on the board of UBA Plc for 8 years running now. He became the Head honcho of the Bank after Phillips Oduoza retired in 2016. He is also currently a director of the CSCS Plc. He was Deputy MD/CeO of UBA from 2011 till 2016 (that’s for 5 straight years) and before then he was an Executive Director from 2010 till 2011 when he was later elevated to the DMD level.

For many that might not readily know or understand, to become an ED of a bank not to talk of becoming the CEO/MD not to talk of a Group MD/CEO at that is not a little thing. Once a person attains the position of a GM and most especially an ED that one is actually made for life! Just imagine the kind of unbelievable salaries and bonus that comes with the position, not to talk of the kind of gifts that comes one way too. Never ever forget that nearly everything that the MD, EDs immediate family members enjoys are free! Best home, best schools, best travelling options, best salaries etc just name it!

UBA Plc established in 1949 has grown massively into one of the largest financial institutions in Africa with a massive presence in 20 African countries and even presence in 3 global financial centers-London, Paris and New York. The global Bank has 1000 plus business offices with over 14 million customers!

According to our findings, once a bank is doing well like UBA Plc is, the sky is just the beginning for the MD, the EDs and even the GMs of that bank. There is a certain percentage of the annual profit that is shared. By this we mean all in very good positions in that bank or institution are on a supreme roller-coaster, that’s because the largesse trickles down from the top downwards.

In fact, a bank MD/CeO can take home, apart from his annual salary which already runs into hundreds of millions, 1% of the declared profit of that bank for the year. So just imagine that 1% of the profit after tax for a year of 70 plus billion naira comes to a staggering 700 hundred million Naira for just one person alone! So why wouldn’t that one be on a buying spree like one is on a magical Aladdin’s carpet gliding in the skies?

Now you can understand why certain people in the banking world, likes of the Group Chairman of UBA Plc, Tony Elumelu, likes of Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr Jim Ovia and many others a verified billionaires!!!

One of those enjoying her husband’s good fortune none other than the very beautiful and quiet wife, Lotanna who you can most often see riding in one or the other of her husband’s several machines.

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