May the souls of all that perished untimely in the unfortunate fire incident of yesterday in Lagos along the Otedola bridge not too far from Alausa, find rest! We commiserate with the families, friends and colleagues of the dearly departed on their unfortunate losses, may God give all of them the strength to bear their terrible and irreparable losses.

Yesterday, Thursday, June 28, 2018 was a black day in Lagos! It was the day a fuel laden tanker, lost control through a supposed brake failure and then fell on the bridge with its full content of PMS, that’s 33000 litres of highly inflammable product, which exploded and caused many unfortunate and irreparable damages, which would take many of those affected a very long while to bear and forget. By the time the horrible black smoke from the explosion and fire had subsided a little, many lives, had unfortunately been sent to their early graves and much damages had been done to people’s properties, specifically their cars!

At least from the reports gotten, at least 9 people made up of 8 adults and 1 minor lost their lives in the fire outbreak!  That’s the official report, but the death count might actually be far more than that. Also official figures says not less than 54 various types of vehicles were burnt beyond recognition and repairs, which also might be far more than that too. It was a horror scene yesterday! Many of those caught in the fire, didn’t know what hit them, if it was something they could have ran from, maybe they could have escaped without getting hurt. PMS is highly flammable and the fire would have gone as far as wherever the petrol streamed to and would continue to burn as long as there is oxygen in the air to feed the fire too. The tanker that caused the bloodshed was a Mack Truck, it has not yet been ascertained who it belongs to and where particularly it was going before the unfortunate accident occurred!

Though the unfortunate incident took many lives and caused much damages, we must thank God that the fire didn’t extend to many of the petrol stations on that road, as the carnage could have taken a much more extreme dimensions, causing far more deaths and untold damages than what it already caused.

Like we said before, we pray for the souls of those lost!

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