Like a thief in the night, who is set upon destruction at all cost, she crept in to a home that was well swept and clean. We all already know what the good book says about the main preoccupation of a thief, it’s all about “stealing, destruction and killing”! 3 deadly focus. That dastardly and terrible serpent in the good book aptly describes what a thief does,by that we mean its agenda.

So our perfectly disguised, seemingly naive looking serpent systematically picked her victim, a very loaded and handsome, but quite gullible oil and gas billionaire; was he that gullible? A married man at that, whose wife from what we could learn was a nice lady.

Madam herself is a gorgeous lady by all standards possible, beautiful, super stylish and quite elegant to add to the whole packagea and also said to be very hardworking too. Not one to sit at home, waiting for honey to just be pouring cealessly from somewhere into her mouth.

Like it is a common saying in the South West of Nigeria amongst the Yoruba speaking people, “when one would finish eating a good, quite sumptuous and palatable meal and then go about afterwards  looking for unnecessary extras that can tear the stomach as dessert, so it seems the man went wandering! Just imagine a man looking for something you are not getting starved off at home and then you go on a terribly self indulgent trip that nearly set you on the path of destruction from the word go!

Like they say in pidgin “chop finish go tear belle”, something akin to what is described as appetite for destruction, the man had thought to have a quick chop and go or was it, touch and go, but the young well experienced  well tutored lady in the act of subterfuge, wasn’t going to just allow that at all. She herself being well adept in the game, a sure master of the game, thoroughly well schooled in the game of mind chess, she wasn’t planning for or ready for a quicky, instead she had sharpened her claws to the most horrendous level and also her long well poisoned fangs! She had viewed the game many steps far ahead, and had anticipated all the possible scenarios and had prepared for whatever eventualities could come up. And so she played each step to perfection, using emotional blackmail as a major tool each step of the way. So she got in, and wasn’t ready to shift base at all, even at a point she had nearly uprooted the owner of the house, wanting to send her packing, but only grace saved her! But alas, after a roller coaster that has lasted for a few years, it’s like the game is already up and whatever it was that beclouded the man for so long, whatever it was that had hypnotized him, whatever scales that had covered his eyes that didn’t allow him see properly before seem to have suddenly disappeared. So just as abruptly as it started, the whole sham has now hit the rocks and obviously irredeemably!

On to the next already! As a game chick, who cannot be down for too long, the mother of one seems to have moved on already to another conquest again! Again? Yes again and it’s another super well heeled and married man again who is also very well known! In fact he was speculated at one time to have been interested in becoming the Chief Executive of his state. Hmmmmmm, who can this be? It’s in that state where the ultimate and incomparable father xmas who is now a member of the national assembly used to reign. Our man is specially known by his acronym, which is the name of the most popular or one of the most favored rapid fire weapon or gun in the world, the AK 47!

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Our lady that we are talking about is a very well known lady about town. In fact years back, when this platform just debuted, her story then practically blew this platform sky high and launched it into major prominence. The so called fake Unilag graduate, (apparently she didn’t go to any higher institution then, though she had claimed to have attended university of Lagos), came into limelight for sinking her fangs into a well known married man and totally refused to let go! Beautiful in that innocent sort of way but with the subtlety of a well honed serpent. Somewhat or seemingly fragile looking, but don’t be fooled/deceived at all, as all of that is deceptive, in fact a facade, that also again is a weapon too.

Behind her well packaged veneer is a very calculating mind, whose every steps and encounter is planned ahead and to the utmost, nothing for her is a joke!

After playing about in the local league for a bit to get the right  training in the act of subterfuge and bedmatics, she practically graduated and then upped the ante strategically, moving up into the Primera Liga. And she was lucky to have gotten a somewhat gullible married man then in her claws and then her life totally changed for the best as the super rich dude, who amongst his several business interests, is into oil and gas. The dude practically went bunkers spending on her. It was the perfect example of from grass to super grace, as everything went upwardly mobile.

Our dude known as MO is lovingly married, to the FCT based super rich designer. And they had been having a blissful marriage all the while, before a clog came into their wheel of progress in the form of the young lady. The only little snag then in that beautiful world, which wasn’t seen then as an extraordinary issue, was the wife’s seeming inability then to bear fruits for several years!

It was like a virtual paradise in their household before as both were so into each other, no pressure of any kind, all was well, especially with both believing that all would be well at God’s own time. That was before this dark cloud, in the form of a young lady came to disturb and disrupt their paradise! She came in as a tempest, an ill wind, a terrible tornado, an extraordinary hurricane that left much wreakage and destruction in its wake.

Kudos to the lady of the manor though. Though she was hit rather mortally and she felt unwanted and somewhat abandoned, but instead of her to feel betrayed which was what had happened, feel jilted, feel used, she instead internalized her pain and dugged deep. Instead of her to do what was expected, which was to scatter everything and spoil her own home. Like use her own hands to destroy all that she had labored to build all these years. But instead she defied the odds and stayed put, just taking it all in, believing things would right itself at the right time.

At that time, the home wrecker then had gained major ascendancy, she became the toast of the man’s life. What majorly now even endeared her more to the man of great means was that, against all odds she took in and had a baby boy, something the man had always wanted and didn’t have and she claimed that it was the man’s own. He totally went bunkers!!!!

For someone who had never had a child before, this was a new heaven, that new development swayed his heart towards the girlfriend and then he went haywire spending on the young lady to make sure all went well for his upcoming boy, his new heartbeat.

The birth of the baby was well celebrated, especially in the UK and the mother became super rich by virtue of her new status, which was her plan from the get go. She got a humongous ‘rented house’ on the island, money dripping or falling like a waterfall in the bank, super cars-Porsche, G Wagon etc, top fashion brands-for shoes, bags and clothes and accessories. Travel on first class or business class as she wanted. All things were at her beck and call. It was a near heaven on earth and she rolled magnificently in it. Boss had the money and he  didn’t spare nothing, as his son and his baby momma must be well catered for.

All this while, madam continued to love her husband even far more than before, despite the betrayal, she apparently believed in her heart that what her husband had done was a forgivable indiscretion which time would heal; she saw it as a mistake that doesn’t mean she should abandon her home. So she refused to totally despair, but she wanted vindication and there was what she sort for, her own fruit. As God would have it, her prayers were heard and were answered magnificently, so much so it wasn’t just one, but it was a massive double blessings! A boy and a girl they both were, who came with renewed blessings. The tears of the night had given way to joy unlimited, in such a way and degree that the household never knew was possible again.

And so from a near death grip hold, the wanton serpent began to lose her grip and hold steadily. At a point she was worried and so tried all she could to get another baby, so she could snare the dude all over again, but alas providence didn’t allow it. Then she began to fight and complain, exclaiming neglect. Just imagine a usurper claiming that she wasn’t getting enough attention no more?  That she wasn’t receiving love like she should no more. Oga’s eyes were gradually clearing! She went further to complain that they weren’t engaging in the “romantic game” as much as was usual again! She busted out about not being loved no more and thought that if she schemed that she going away, to leave the relationship, the dude would come running back to her arms, but alas it didn’t happen! Apparently those schooling her on what to do, didn’t envisage or know that the spell she had casted before, that had held the man captive had since lost it hold/savour.

She even exclaimed to a few friends how things had suddenly changed from near perfection to near begging to be loved. After doing all her best to hold on and it didn’t work out, including trying to use her boy as some sort of bargain and it still didn’t work out. She has since left and she’s now the flame in the life of the married billionaire whose nickname or initials is the same as the one we had already revealed above as AK47.

So into each other are these lovers that they do every thing to always be around each other whenever the time or space permits it. Like we had already said, the super stylish dude who is very clandestine about his affairs had had issues with madam at one time, but that was since resolved and him and his wife are together again. But from what we know and have heard about his legend, he is in the Primera Liga when it comes to playing the offside game and scoring goals! And because he is super duper rich, an handsome fellow, who is very well spoken, well educated, well connected, women, ladies, girls all over, either Africans or Caucasians always fall over themselves to get his attention. At a point, FF used to be in his service, supplying him all sorts according to his likes from across the globe.

Now that these 2 have linked up, our beautiful serpent-MW and the gallant goal scorer par excellence AK47. MW is not looking back again at all, she’s already moved on from one gullible billionaire unto another, like her very existence depends on it. Now it’s the turn of the wife of this other dude to just pray and hope that the thief & usurper has not come to destroy her own home too now.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Hmmmm this decoding tough ooo.cant decode anything.were the decoders oya over to una.uncle aloba ekabo pada sir


  2. Marifa has been shopping around for a replacement for ages. Not surprised. We need more clues as to who her new maga is. The expiration date for her jazz with Mo has expired.

  3. Hi Mr Aloba! How u doing?(in wendy williams’ voice). Thanks for ‘appearing’ again. I won’t tell you not to disappear again because it’s obvious to me you have become ‘erujeje’, they disappear and appear AT WILL.

  4. You people should all get alife and let them be
    Is she the first baby mama what is this noise about
    Stop making that beach feel she's worth a penny

    1. At 3.06PM To respond to your comment, she ain't worth a penny and she is a superficial, vain and high clsss Runs girl. Simple as ABC. When a woman has nothing but her face and body, trust and believe that after a min or two, an highly intellectual man will be bored and wants more than the look

    2. At 3.06PM To respond to your comment, she ain't worth a penny and she is a superficial, vain and high clsss Runs girl. Simple as ABC. When a woman has nothing but her face and body, trust and believe that after a min or two, an highly intellectual man will be bored and wants more than the look

    1. Mmmm…. Would that be Akan "Desicon"? My South South people, oya over to you. MBG, are you here? Any info?

    1. That marriage is fake and non existent. He’s still cheating and they both don’t love each other and live very separate lives. He is a dog and can’t change. From frying pan to fire, he can’t change. Ezinne akudo to marifa

  5. Wait wait make I put my hot amala down
    AKan ewooooo but na the bobo spec be that choi
    Marifa wriite don jam her mate, the wife na waffy babe o
    This babe go tear shirt for road

  6. Aloba no be you first give Marifa witte am degree from uni lag ?
    Wetin happen ? Wetin she been study BSc manipulating and catching big fish
    She barely managed to finish secondary school for festac, where she open salon and started runs early to survive
    Now she don catch anoda muguAK 47 ? Check her out every where nothing
    AK 47 I beg try send am go uni no be type for Toronto and Canada o

  7. Aloba why u no publish my story nau cos i write my name
    That girl na witch marifa white she no go university but she get degree from uni lag
    You don see that kind before
    Wetin she con study BSc Home Wrecking and Msc Manipulation

  8. Enter your commenthalf caste flat ass Margret classmate in High school Jubilee college Lagos.her school boyfriend was Chibuzor who always had fights with her cos we all new she was sleeping around.she's very sneeky and looks innocent and naive but very dangerous.I'm coming back to open her bumbum well

  9. What’s going on between chiomagoodhair and kikagoodhair they are not as chummy anymore, kika didn’t come for her bday and hasn’t commented or liked any of her pictures lately!

  10. Wife na wife runs girl na runs girl
    Akan I beg carry the load they go
    Marie white na time full liability without insurance, only she get small sense for her house
    so ready to repair her sister CRV Honda, pay grandma blond hair
    Treatment money, plenty liability, brother we be technician
    Abi na the uncle wey dey hustle marina to better man make he for get commission ?

  11. Three players involved in this nonsense, somebody naturally needs to back off
    Am too sure Mo( my guy more money ) dumped that Marifa long time ago
    She just woke up to it
    Akan not the only dude involved with Marifa.
    Abiola will inbox you for the next chapter y'all stay tuned

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