The news of her sudden demise on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 from complications from Breast Cancer sent shock waves to her industry-Nollywood, the Yoruba sector where she was an active practitioner.

 She was majorly famous for an old production OMOGE CAMPUS, that was in fact her 1st movie, which blew her into prominence and from where she got her famous nickname-OMOGE campus which stucked to her ever since, for her fantastic portrayal of a hot in demand campus damsel.

The mother of 2, a very good friend of the late Moji Olaiya, who incidentally passed on only about a year ago also in the same Canada, was at the hospital in Canada, getting treated for Breast Cancer related issues. But alas even with all the fantastic treatment she was getting and all the attention she also got from the best medical hands available, she still gave up the ghost at the Scarborough General Hospital, Ontario, Canada.

Aishat Abimbola, who is a beautiful, divorced mother of 2, died at the young age of 46. She was in Canada with her 2 kids, when the sad occurrence happened and she would be buried today. She is from Epe in Lagos and would he sorely missed by her fans and friends. She had lost her mom in the 90s, followed by her dad in the 2000s, she had married and had separated amicably from her husband then years back and had poured her energy thereafter into acting. After the lost of her good friend Moji a year ago, she had sacrificed a lot to make sure that her friend’s kids were well taken care of, only for her to have passed on shockingly and untimely too!

May the untimely, dearly departed soul of AISHAT ABIMBOLA find rest. 

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