Don’t know if anyone has seen or come across what might soon become a trend or is already the latest happenstance in Lagos of late. Young, fine boys going starkers and having temporary madness?

The way it goes is that these young kids do this madness thing on major roads where many eyes would see and stare at them incredulously! Not too long ago it occurred in broad daylight on Admiralty in Lekki Phase 1 when a guy just suddenly got out of his car and went bunkers stripping himself and going about starkers! Another again occurred not long afterwards at about the 2nd or 3rd roundabout on the Lekki-Ajah expressway, where during the very early morning traffic a young dude right in the middle of the road all starkers was bathing and not caring who was looking and then the most recent of it all, was near the newly launched Deeper Life Bible Church HQ in Gbagada, Lagos just 2 days ago, a young guy suddenly removed his clothes, bent down shat in his own hand and then decided to rub same on himself, while people looked on in shock. When he saw that he had gotten a little attention he repeated the same scenario again and then went further to bath himself inside a stagnant water not too far from the spot. All of these terrible scenarios all sound so unbelievable, but they are all true even there are some worst ones just too crazy to relate.

There have also been instances where young, supposedly normal guys would be barking like a dog at particular times of the day too. All in the desperate quest to make money! So these things have all raised our curiosity and we have thought to find out/investigate if possible what’s going on?

Remember very well that several months ago, we had written and posted on this platform about a trend then, where guys in desperation to be the new hits in town, driving the latest cars, wearing the newest trends all in the quest to join the Gucci gangs etc, flashing and flaunting at the bars, joints and night clubs and other social places of gathering where many people ply or gather, drinking up a storm so that the bills would rise like its a loaf of bread, where many could see them flaunt their newly acquired wealth. These set were willing and ready to do the basest of things for that temporary fame, which was to eat “shit” that is fresh excreta! What!!!! Yes shit as in shit!

As the story goes, the voodoo done for these boys demands that they look for fresh excreta, which they must eat with relish with fresh bread and thereafter their money would begin to flow in and in torrents after other things must have been done too. The connection between excrete (shit) and money we cannot just understand. It’s something that’s totally mad and unbelievable, totally true too. While the terrible and unbelievable bullshit is yet still on as speak. We hear there are new trends also now.

There is the madness thing where the dude would go bonkers and tear of his own clothes and go raving mad about town, it’s like the more the people that view his madness and embarrassment, the better and the more the money would flow in. How true this is, we do not know, but that’s what we have found out is actually going on. And the more desperate the guys are, the more they are not too afraid to go through with it too. According to what someone said, these new methods are the alternatives to blood rituals which was the in thing at one point too. So instead of killing other people and using their blood, those using this new method believes they are at least not putting another person’s life in limbo, just theirs. Wonders they say, would never end. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. The desperation for wealth in today’s young people especially boys will pave the way to their early graves. Three scruffy looking boys behind me at shoprite in circle mall where discussing how they vowed to make ‘this money’ any how, that coming to the mall is just giving them headache. They kept talking about people with loaded shopping carts. (Ojukokoro). They were speaking in Yoruba, they had loaves of bread in their hands and I wondered why they could not just go for agege bread(which I love) just outside the mall, is it by force to buy bread in shoprite? Those boys will definitely do jazz when they have the opportunity. Greed/lack of contentment has destroyed our people.

    1. Lautech guys, Osu guys take the lead in money ritual. I pity their girlfriends as most would've been used.

    2. They are very lazy. More worrisome is the fact that no one wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or engineer. Too much stress, when yahoo brings quick money. Now I’m thinking, are we going to be importing doctors and lawyers etc. Everybody wants to be a Davido and Wizzy. I’m really scared for this generation. That Lekki is their headquarters.

    3. Anon 11.44 YOU ARE SO RIGHT, lekki is their base and they are so obvious, you will notice them because they are loud, crass, ojuorolari syndrome is worrying them. They want everyone around to notice them. I thank God my estate is too tight for them to penetrate and come and start living in, we will smoke them out!

    4. Really??? So Aloba, the more people viewed them playing mad, the more the wealth! In that case, they should make videos and upload them to YouTube so that the number of viewers will be high! Stupidity of the highest level!

  2. Yahoo yahoo stuffs, Lord have mercy. Here in PH city, they have clubs were members don't eat fish nor beef, but fresh human parts. Our ladies are disappearing, it's worrisome.

    1. This is more dangerous. With all kinds o fresh fish available there. Who slaughters the humans? Who cooks them? How don't hey cover up the evil? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    2. Mama born girl you must know this circle well, they usually have a party in December in the east where they consume human flesh…..girls that go for that party never come back

    3. @9:42pm, you're correct,it started in the East. Now it's extended to Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers. They eat female flesh only.

  3. What did I just read!!!! Father Lord, please save your children IJN, Amen. Name a peaceful state in Nigeria? What is going on??

  4. This generation I fear for them. The pressure to keep up with fake social media lives is huge. The message of contentment is great gain is lost on them. Greedy and youth laziness is what is causing ‘I must be rich by all means possible.’

    1. and the old pot bellied lagos papas are not helping matters. Wonder how they will feel if it was their daughters sleeping around for a bag, shoe or 2K dollars.

  5. @Blair Witch
    No estate is too tight for Yahoo boys to live in, which landlord will see money and still be acting on principles in this day and age of Lagos and Buhari economy.I moved to Banana island to avoid these sort of rubbish but already Yahoo boys have started moving into Banana island only that they are still keeping a low profile perhaps to avoid upsetting residents.Some group of Yahoo boys even live next to my friend they never go out unless at night, or just to go shopping then lock themselves indoors.Then one of them can be away for like few weeks and suddenly return.I will be moving out of Banana soon as I find a smaller estate with better security and infrastructure

    1. Try Parkview.
      Also I heard there's a very nice estate in Oregun Ikeja, hidden somewhere with top notch security. Still trying to find the name.

  6. i thanful for the part of ikoyi i live in …old school things …dem never get liver reach there

  7. They are very prominent in south west too ooo. Lagos Island headquarters of 19 aka 419. Their jazz no be here. When they hit, see grown ass boys pooping champagne and pouring drinks on each other. Blaring music. Go Iasle eko, damn something else. I was in FO in lekki, admiring a glittering Mercedes Jeep. Only for some razz looking boys with dreads using this car to carry Jerry cams of petrol. It just didn’t add up. How can you commit that sacrilege? Was so upset. My driver said mummy they are money miss road yahoo boys

    1. Aunty mummy, you are clearly part of the razz crowd too. WTH is a Mercedes Jeep? Why do some of you call Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Jeep? Jeep is a brand name, not a type of vehicle! Saying Mercedes Jeep is like saying Toyota Land-Rover or Mitsubishi Volkswagen. Do better!

  8. Typical Nigerians
    Will do anything for money
    That's why I don't respect any Nigerian rich person. None Not even dangote All ritual or stolen

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